3dots – A Lifestyle And Fitness App You Should Know

3dots – A Lifestyle And Fitness App You Should Know

A judgement free platform that rewards you for your efforts? Sounds too good to be true? It is not! I have tested it myself and became not only a big fan, but a regular contributor for the 3dots website!

You don´t have time to hit the gym regularly or want to take your fitness and health to the next level? You have trouble to make a real change and get into the shape of your lifetime ? You are looking for some inspiration, great recipes, workouts and motivation? If you answered only one of these questions with yes, this will be the application you should get your hands on now!

About six months ago I was lucky to meet Timo Bauer, the founder of the 3dots app. Timo invited me to join his team of content creators for a lifetime project. As a former personal trainer, he uses his knowledge and experiences to make us fit for life. He and a couple friends developed an app that is about to revolutionize the fitness market. 3dots teaches you in a playful way to make the right choices and change your attitude.

“A good mixture of simple exercises, endurance and weight lifting in combination with a varied diet, is the key to a healthy and happy well-being. We want to teach people how to integrate each of these cornerstones into their daily lives”, explains Timo.

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Emotions. Excitement. Experience.

When Timo was thinking of how to engage people, he had a simple but bright idea. People love to be challenged and to be rewarded for their efforts. Why not combine these two features and design an app that makes getting fit and healthy an entertaining experience? And like that, the idea for the 3dots app was born.

What to expect?

Three challenges per day to chose from. The 3dots app comes with personalised solutions according to each fitness level. After rocking your challenge of choice,
a photo is to be uploaded on the app. By doing so, you gain so-called “dots”, which can be exchanged in the app-intern shop for yummy snacks, work out plans and much more – delivered right to your doorstep in a pretty 3dots box.

What challenge is it going to be today? New options are given every 24hrs!

3dots is also a social media platform, that allows people to share their success with others and motivate each other. Pictures of the challenges are already being shared on Facebook groups and Instagram. The 3dots app is attached to a website full of fitness -and lifestyle tips on recipes, exercises, motivation, travel and much more.

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Did I already mention, that the 3dots app is free?

“Health and fitness are topics that should be on everybody’s top priority list. They can not be a privilege for a few wealthy people, but have to be made accessible for everybody”, explains Bauer. “We want to support people, regardless of their age, origin and financial status, to be able to live a healthier lifestyle”, says the 3dots founder.

Why do I love it?

As a traveling foodie, I really need some inspiration and motivation to eat and live healthy! By incorporating the app into my daily habits, I started to be more aware of my choices and learned so many new tips and tricks. This makes it simple for me to stay on track! Plus, I love the support from other challengers and to see, how it changes their lives for the better. And if you know me, I love to get mail! Even better if it comes with yummy vegan snacks!

I say: “One challenge a day, keeps the doctor away.”
That’s how the saying goes, right?? 😉

I am very excited to be part of the team and one of the first 3dots app testers! If you haven´t downloaded the app by now, you should do so soon or otherwise miss some really awesome gifts! 3dots ships internationally, so there is no reason not to get on your first challenge to gain some points and start that healthy, fit life!

This is where you find the app, both for Android and Apple products!

Find out more about 3dots right here and check out some of my contributions to their page!

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