I Am Jen May, Digital Nomad, Recipe Developer, Main Content Creator And Food Photographer Behind The Vegan Nomad Life.

I have been blogging in some form since 2012 and developed a deep love for recipe experimentation and food photography in the process. I consider myself a restless wanderer, exercise enthusiast, oatmeal addict and craft coffee lover.


Home is a not a place, it’s a feeling.

In the course of the past ten years I was lucky enough to live in different parts of this beautiful planet. Every stamp in my passport, stands for a thousand yet untold stories.

Born on a warm summer day in 1991, I grew up in a small town on the very eastern borders of Germany. Life was peaceful and pretty unspectacular. The highlights of my childhood were our yearly trips to our family on the Caribbean island of Cuba. I guess that was when my fascination for traveling began. My parents always supported my plans and I owe them a lot. I was 16 when I first left their home to move to another country and continent (Uruguay). I must have caused them many sleepless nights – and still do.

Life in Germany and Studying Abroad.

I studied Anthropology, Media and Communication Science in the city of Leipzig, East Germany. Loving the city a bunch, I went back and forth in the course of the following five years. Meanwhile I continued to explore South America and moved to São Paulo for 12 months between 2014/15. I got into the School of Media and Arts, wrote for a couple of newspapers and worked for an event management company, while I was involved with school. Mostly, I took advantage of my relocation and explored South America on many shorter and longer trips. How many hours I have spend in busses and airplanes? I have lost track…

The beginning of 2016, after a brief stay in Leipzig, I left the town for good to start a new adventure in Berlin. I finished my studies with an internship in a start up in Friedrichhain, where we were surrounded by hipsters, bars, breweries and vintage stores. It is a true mecca for vegans, with plant-based treats all round. But it was a short pleasure, since I had caught the travel bug.

By the end of the summer of 2016, I had finished school, started this blog, my freelance business and packed my bags to start new adventures abroad. My first stop would be New York. I found a temporary home in Brooklyn, and from there explored the States, Canada and Central America.

Caught by the travel bug.

I am counting 30 visited countries as of April 2017. But the journey just began.

My passion for South America is still burning and I am longing to find myself on the beaches of Brazil or hiking in Bolivia soon again. But there are so many places, still waiting to be explored, that my mind’s safe haven will have to wait. I need to get out of my comfort zone, visit unknown places, with new faces and strange languages.

In the summer of 2015 I fell in love with the city of New York. A short trip turned into a three month stay and since then we are inseparable. I find myself coming back and forth. But it is a hate-love and the buzz of the big city feeds my anciety to take off and find a more quiet and relaxed place. I cant’ keep up with the pace of this world capital, but I love its vibrance, creativity and internationality. I take a lot of inspiration from this place, but am at the same time too distracted to be productive.

I like to eat my weigh in hummus and bananas.

My achilles heel though, is a big bowl of açai – preferebly on a sunny beach in northern Brazil. But how and why did I become vegan?

On finding Veganism.

It was in the winter of 2013/14, when I decided from one day to another to make a drastic life change. Without much preparation, I decided on Jan. 1st 2014, that I would go on a plant-based diet. I remember peoples surprised faces, when they were telling I was the last person on earth they would expect to go vegan. I was a big meat eater and cheese lover and a very active person. One of those gym rats that think they need animal protein to survive.

I quickly fell in love with this new lifestyle: Feeling healthier and fitter than ever before, getting rid of my digestive problems and bad skin condition. With this, I started to research and read all the books I could find. Back then, I couldn’t count on any vegan friends, so I was on my own. The inter webs was a great source during the first months. Through Social Media, many hours on Netflix and lots of You Tube videos, I learned so much about the ethical aspects of Veganism, that I decided I would not go back. And even though some of my trips around the world were quite challenging at times, I never regretted it for a minute.

Please continue to read and learn more about my food philosophy.

The Vegan Nomad Life.

This blog is a work in progress. It took me a while, but someday in the early spring of 2016, I decided that it was time to do something with all the information I was already putting out on Social Media. On my travels I learned to open up and have faith in myself and others. Who knows, maybe I even manage to make you feel inspired and take action, too. This is however also a sort of personal journal and I wish, I had started it a lot earlier.

You might have noticed it already: English is not my mother tongue. Still, I have always loved a little challenge. This is a great way for me to practice my language skills. I want to reach as many people as possible, to share knowledge and inspire. Therefore I will keep this blog in English as long as it seems adequate.

 I truly hope you enjoy my stories and am glad you found your way here!

Whenever you have a question, hit me up via social media or send an email to vegannomadlife@gmail.com!

All the best, Jen May