Vegan in Barcelona

Going to Spain? Learn about the most vegan friendly city of the country and what me and my dad ate during our weekend in Barcelona! 

Barcelona could easily be called one of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe! Seriously, I was positively surprised on how many options we found – without looking too hard!

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Cuba & the Internet or “Island of the Disconnected”

Cuba´s internet is not only one of the slowest in the world, it is also the youngest – and the most wanted. Cubans have been cut off the rest of the world for too long. Now is their time to take over Facebook and Twitter. They are more than ready for it.

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Top Vegan Travel Destinations

As I am making up my travel plans for the new year, I noticed that there are many awesome destinations I never knew were vegan friendly, but actually are true vegan meccas! Let´s me make sure that this year you´ll have a great adventure and share some of that new knowledge with guides from the best vegan travel bloggers! Here are my finds: The top vegan travel destinations you have to know about!

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Vegan Travel in New York: Brooklyn´s Sun in Bloom

Visiting New York will be one of the best decisions you can take if you are a vegan travel lover and foodie! With one veggie hotspot on every block, you won’t go hungry in the Big Apple! 

I am trying to cover them all for you, but let me tell you, my waistline doesn’t appreciate these treats as much as my spoiled tastebuds do 😉

Anyways, I discovered a real gem in Park Slope. Yesss. Brooklyn baby!!!!  — AND IT´S ALL ON TAPE!

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Traveling To Cuba – Are You Really Ready For Take Off?

Exploring the biggest of all Caribbean islands can be a great adventure, but it doesn’t come without a couple challenges. Here is what you need to know before traveling to Cuba!

All the information in one place:

  • Finding and connecting to wifi
  • The dual currency issue and how to get cash
  • Do you really need a visa
  • Culinary experiences  or – “The R&B diet”

It seems like only a day has passed, since I sat in one of the two wooden rocking chairs, my grandmother has sitting out on her porch. They have been there as long as I can remember and welcome guests to sit down, have a cuban coffee and conversation.

My father’s family lives in a small village about an hour and a half away from the endless beaches of Varadero. A million tourists are traveling tu Cuba year by year, lots of them Russian, Canadian and German, landing on the holiday resort´s own airport. However, most tourists stick to the resort areas with little opportunity to interact with local Cubans beyond their hotel staff. In fact, up until 1997, it was actually illegal for locals to mingle with international tourists. Did you know that? I bet not. Here are some more surprising facts about Cuba!

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Urban Vegan Kitchen – Plant-Based Southern Decadence In New York

A brand-new hot spot on Carmine Street offers an array of sophisticated comfort food and specialty desserts: The Urban Vegan Kitchen! The inspiration for this new laid back and hip lounge came from the minds who are behind one of New York City’s largest vegan fast food chain, Blossom Du Jour.

The result of a collaboration between Chef Timothy Pakron (@missisipivegan) and Blossom owner Pamela Elizabeth shows eaters of all persuasions that vegan food is more than kale, quinoa, and tofu. The upscale vegan street food concept offers what other people do not serve: Great vegan chicken and waffles, po’ boys and fried okra – an array of sophisticated comfort food and specialty desserts.

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When In New York – My Favourite Eateries: By Chloe


In addition to my last blogpost, a little something to cheer up your day! I am planning to do more videos of this kind, so make sure to hit subscribe on my You Tube channel!

Much love to you all!

BY CHLOE – Healthy, exciting and indulgent vegan treats

Chloe Coscarelli, a vegan cookbook author, social media star and the first vegan chef to win the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, opened her first fast-casual restaurant, “By Chloe”, in 2015. It was the start of an incredible success story – made in New York.

VGL founder Jen with Chloe Coscarelli

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