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Top 5 Vegan Cookbooks

Some people are still under the impression that meatless and dairy free cuisine must be terribly boring. A growing collections of deliciously inspiring plant-based cookbooks, however, is devouring that myth. Here is a list of the top 5 vegan cookbooks to add to your bookshelves!

Last year might have been the year of mainstream veganism (according to PETA), but 2017 won’t stay behind. The first indicator: Vegan cookbooks are filling the shelves of bookstores, only a decade after talented plant-based chefs were told by publishers, that their meat free cookbooks were impossible to sell. Times change, and we don’t have to scroll through our Instagram feeds any longer, to find a recipe for cruelty-free lasagna. Things are looking so good, that I want to share with you a list of my top 5 vegan cookbooks, that were published only recently!

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What I Eat In A Day: A Healthy Vegan Diet

You recently went vegan, are thinking about going plant-based or are an old stager when it comes to a cruelty-free diet? Whatever your reason may be, I hope to inspire you with an insight in my healthy vegan food routine. If there is such thing as a routine, because a healthy vegan diet is as colourful and versatile as mother nature itself. 

Changing your eating habits can be a tricky task. It might take a while until you get used to new flavours and learn how to cook delicious meals, but a healthy vegan diet will bring you one step closer to your fitness and health goals and will benefit not only your life, but those of thousands of animals and your environment, too. But, besides the challenge, learning to cook new dishes and trying new foods is a whole lot of fun, too!

Let´s see what I eat in a day, on a healthy vegan diet!

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Holiday Season: How To Stop Weight Gain

Christmas is here and with it, all the sweet treats and hearty meals we have been looking forward to all year. And if we learned one thing during the last holiday seasons, the feast will leave us running to the gym with guilt as soon as the new year starts. There must be a way to avoid the repetition of this old game you think?! I bet you there is! So don’t stress and let me give you the solution! Stop weight gain, go vegan!

I am not going to tell you that you shouldn’t treat yourself. We all know that holidays are for splurging – it wouldn’t be the same without a naughty dessert or a glass of festive red wine! But to be honest, most of us stick to the weight they gain over the holidays. Those few pounds can sum up over the years…Thankfully, with my simple hints and tips, you could have a healthier Christmas, stop weight gain and still enjoy all those snacks that you love to nibble on!

Vegan Casserole found on

So, how can we manage to make it through the holidays without putting on extra pounds?!

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What I Eat In A Day – Vegan In Berlin

Guys, it finally happened! My first You Tube video is out there for you to enjoy. I can´t even believe how long it took me to get it up there.

Well, here it is! Plain Jen May awkwardness. From now on you will be able to watch goofy me, making my way around the world, on a more regular base. I promise (to try).

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30 Days Fully Raw Challenge

Two to three times a year I am giving my body a rest from the stress of traveling and eating out. I go fully raw for several weeks in a row! This leaves me full of energy and gives me the strength to pursue all my goals. 

Healthy body, healthy mind!

30 DAYS FULLY RAW – How does it work? 

No animal products     No processed foods    No refined sugars

No caffeine/alcohol     No chemical or preservative ridden foods


• Why did I choose raw? 
• What have I learned so far?
• Did I ever get sick?
• How is the gym going?
• Did I loose any weigh?
• Is fully raw more expensive than a regular vegan diet?
• Will I stay on a 100% raw vegan diet?

Nice cream for breakfast and lunch. Can´t go wrong with a classic!

Why did I choose raw?

I reached a point where I did not see any other solution. My nervous stomach decided to constantly rebel against the food I ate, not allowing me to properly concentrate on working and exercising. I was bloated 24/7 and feeling heavy and tired after meals. Literally. So I decided to try 30 days fully raw.

Inspired by personal encounters with raw-foodists and watching social media personalities like Kim-Julie (@BrusselsVegan), Yovana (@rawvana) and Kristina (@FullyRawKristina) devour one green smoothie after another whilst smiling into the camera with glowing skin, I thought that I might as well just give it a try.

If you are curious to learn more about my journey, read about my food philosophy and personal background.

Glowing from the inside and out: Yovana from @rawvana with a beautiful bowl of zucchini noodles! Find the recipe on youtube and a lot more inspiration on her blog: !

What have I learned so far?

It takes preparation. It is great to eat a strawberry or banana mono-meal once in a while, yes. But not all day, every day. Everything else takes a little more planning. I mostly have mapped out what I eat the next day. I prepare my breakfast smoothies and nice cream bowls right there. But I still have to think of taking the fruits, one and the other superfood and snacks. For dinner I rely on salad. A LOT of salad. I am talking bowls the size of my head times two. No kidding. – And I am loving it!

And it takes patience. You thought going vegan was tough? Try going 30 days fully raw and see what happens. Even vegans suddenly find their humor and ask if you are getting enough protein.It is not all about fruits and veggies. Raw foods also include grains, sprouts, fermented and sundried foods. One of my go to meals became raw buckwheat porridge. I love that stuff. And did you know it was possible to eat raw sweet potato? Me neither.

Zucchini works in smoothies. Hell yeah. Get all the veggies in without even noticing it. Perfect with spinach, kiwi and avocado plus chia seeds.

Frozen pea hummus is a thing. When my colleague Michele first told me about this, I didn’t even know what to say. But the truth is, she was right. Go get a bag of peas and just do it. There is no other way than trying it yourself.

Frozen pea hummus. The raw vegan alternative to the regular stuff (made with cooked chickpeas)! I didn’t believe it until I tried!

Did I ever get sick?

NO. In fact my stomach has been so much better these last days. No sickness, no aching. I noticed that my cravings for unprocessed foods vanished after a few days into this challenge. Instead of chocolate or the pb&j sammy, I crave a lot more greens instead! I don’t get this feeling of needing something right now and here. Plus I don’t overeat anymore! Yay!

How is the gym going?

AWESOME. Since the bloating and stomach pain is gone, I can fully concentrate on gym! It was the worst to work out after having had two cooked meals. That is not a problem anymore. Running on raw foods (hehe) I am having a lot more energy in the afternoon! And it all goes towards my fitness goals. I am curious if building up muscle is going to be just as easy…

Did I loose any weigh?

YES. I normally lose about 3 pounds only 15 days into the raw vegan challenge. No wonder, since I cut out a ton of carb loaded, processed foods. Still it is a surprise to me, since I basically live off avocados. I do eat a lot more fats than I used to (just mentioning coconut and cashew milk…). It is really easy to over eat on fats on a fully raw diet, so I would recommend keeping an eye on it!

I am in love with thick green smoothie bowls! A real vitamin infusion!

Is fully raw more expensive than a regular vegan diet?

YES AND NO. Let´s face it. Buying organic produce is expensive. And since I eat a lot more of it, I also spend a couple bucks more. On the other hand I spend way less on eating out, buying snacks and coffee to go. So I am keeping the balance and not breaking the bank.

Will I stay on a 100% raw diet?

YES AND NO. I am not feeling limited by raw cuisine. I will definitely follow through with this challenge and decide from there where the journey goes! For the most part, I am still convinced that a diet that includes both raw and cooked foods is most well-rounded, offering maximum variety of nutrition.

Let´s keep in touch!

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Am I Going Nuts!?

Nah – Just RAW VEGAN!

As I already announced on various Social Media channels, I am doing the unimaginable! Me – lover of delicious hummus, luxurious avocado toast and peanut butter topped everything – is going raw vegan!

Raw vegan, wtf?

To make sure we are on the same page: Raw veganism is a plant-based diet that involves no cooking. No food is heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius). Foods are eaten fresh, dehydrated with low heat or fermented.


Am I kidding? 

Nope! Believe me or not, I came up quite spontaneously with this amazing idea! I have been dealing with a few health issues lately and put on a little extra weigh – all the great vegan options around, who could blame me! On my way to become the best possible version of myself, I decided to give it a try! I want some of that inner glow raw vegans are spreading and give my body a detox from all the processed foods and cooked stuff. And ice cream, looots of delicious ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I still think bread is life. But is it really the best I can do for myself? I will see soon.

When I first went vegan I was happy to find vegan options wherever I went and of course, had to try it all too! I love whole, plant-based foods and always have. I would consider myself a decent cook. Curiosity has been a key during my first three years as a vegan and curiosity led me to step up my game. 

What is there left for me to eat?

A raw foods diet is made up of fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state, without cooking or steaming. If this sounds rather unexciting to you, check out Mimi Kirks recipe page. The raw vegan was voted sexiest Vegetarian over 50, when she was actually 70 then… Just saying.

Is raw veganism the non-plus-ultra of plant-based diets?

For me there is not such thing as a perfect diet. I still think that as long as you are eating vegan and giving the best to avoid exploitation of animals (and humans!), you are on the right path. Even if you are only just trying to reduce your intake of meat and dairy products – You have my support. Baby steps are better than no progress at all. The good will counts.

So far so good. The next days and weeks will be one big fruit and veggie party! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of my progress, ups and downs, delicious RAW recipes (hope not to promise too much) and honest thoughts on this journey. Maybe I even share some nudes. For proof of progress of course 😛

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Cheers, Jen May -the raw vegan newbie.

My Food Philosophy


One day I woke up and decided to be vegan; I’m just that type of person. Sorry if that story is a bit boring. I did not think much about it before and didn’t give myself much of a transition time by going vegetarian first. I do nothing halfway.

I thrive on a plant-based diet made up of whole foods that are minimally processed and preferably organically grown. I enjoy eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, healthy fats and unrefined sugars in my diet.

I eat plants because I love my body, the planet, and other living beings. 

With the change in diet, I started to read and research. At first I just wanted to make sure, that my nutrient needs were covered. But then I started to find more and more information about the truth behind the cruel food industry. I was the first in my family and circle of friends to completely quit animal products. The internet was my number one resource. With the knowledge I’ve learned about what animal products do to us, the animals and our earth – I choose not to put anything that has caused suffering in my body. I am convinced that humans can certainly thrive without eating animals – as I can testify from my own journey.

A lot of people want to know “what I am” – vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, high carb vegan. I don´t like to put a label on things, being it a diet or lifestyle or something else. My food philosophy is this: Labels stink. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition. I know I never want to put a label on my diet, but I always encourage you to do what works best for you. If that means ascribing to a certain label, I support your choice!

Healthy eating shouldn’t be complicated.

My diet is different everyday and I am not very strict about rules; as long as I am eating a mostly whole foods vegan diet, it’s all good. But certainly, there are some foods, that I enjoy almost on a daily base: Creamy bowls of sweet porridge topped with an abundance of fresh fruit, huge smoothies with plenty of greens, banana ice-cream in all flavors, colorful salads and giant plates of steamed vegetables and sweet potatoes. I do not restrict calories. I aim to eat high-carb/low-fat because our bodies have evolved to run on glucose.

I avoid refined sugar, which is extremely processed and doesn’t have any nutritional value. I primarily use agave syrup, Medjool dates and stevia. Once in a while if I feel that a recipe needs traditional sugar I will use organic brown sugar.

For cooking I primarily use virgin coconut oil for it´s health benefits. It also has a very high smoke point so it’s great for frying and roasting at high heats. I also use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil if I don’t want any coconut flavour in the recipe. But since I am a coconut lover, I really don´t mind.

I am fortunate enough to be able to have access to, and afford, fresh fruits and vegetables. I understand that is not to be taken for granted. Food access is a serious barrier for many people. Going vegan might not be a realistic option for all but if it is possible for you to do, I highly recommend it.