Vegan Minimalist Do It Yourself Skincare & Cosmetics

Let’s talk about vegan do it yourself skincare recipes for a minimalist routine, using natural ingredients only. Because we want to be gorgeous and cruelty-free anywhere, anytime – even and especially when traveling.

These tips will get under your skin – quite literally!

Let me preface this: I am far from being an expert in skincare questions. But I’ve received a lot of emails and requests to share information about my beauty & skincare tips, especially while I am on the road.

We all face the same problems: The stuff that we usually buy at home isn’t available or very expensive when we are abroad. So, I’m going off the path a little to share a post on vegan do it yourself skincare and cosmetics!

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Conscious Care For Badass Women: Menstrual Cups

Ladies, let’s be open about our care and bring light in the dark! This is an introduction into new conscious feminine care: Menstrual cups are the answer to our prayers.

And to all the awesome boys reading this, don’t be shy, continue reading and educate yourself! You are surrounded by beautiful strong women, so learn all you can to support them!

When we educate ourselves, we empower & improve both ourselves and the world.

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