5 Recipe Ideas For Baileys New Vegan Irish Cream

It is true! Baileys just came around with  Almande, an Almond Milk Liquor that is dairy-free, certified vegan and reminds us a lot of Irish Cream!

We have long been waiting for an ethical alternative! After sadly sipping bad, dry wine party after party, Baileys, as so many other companies, could not deny the growing demand for dairy-free products any longer!

Now, vegan-friendly Baileys, aka Baileys Almande, is finally on sale in Germany and the UK after hitting shelves in America back in March.

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Vegan Shopping Deal!

Time to give back some love!

After reaching 3k on Instagram I was supposed to treat you to a sweet little surprise but since I was in Cuba at the time, I had to forget about it… (No wifi in Cuba…)

Now I am back in Germany for the month and finally able to make up for it! Me and the lovely social media ladies from Veganz have come up with an awesome deal for you!

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How To Travel Blog And Not Ruin Travelling

Travel blogging promises to be the perfect way to live the dream of being a full-time traveller and getting payed for something you truly enjoy. But is it all peace, cake and roses or is there more to it? Let’s take a close look at the challenges of being a travel blogger.

Sure, the idea of funding your travels with sponsored posts, banner advertising, affiliate sales and eBooks seems intriguing. The possibility of being ‘location independent’ makes your heart skip a beat. But have you ever considered that blogging about your travels to make money, could take the joy from an otherwise beautiful experience?

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Nominated: The Versatile Blogger Award

I’m very excited to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

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3dots – A Lifestyle And Fitness App You Should Know

A judgement free platform that rewards you for your efforts? Sounds too good to be true? It is not! I have tested it myself and became not only a big fan, but a regular contributor for the 3dots website!

You don´t have time to hit the gym regularly or want to take your fitness and health to the next level? You have trouble to make a real change and get into the shape of your lifetime ? You are looking for some inspiration, great recipes, workouts and motivation? If you answered only one of these questions with yes, this will be the application you should get your hands on now!

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Cuba & the Internet or “Island of the Disconnected”

Cuba´s internet is not only one of the slowest in the world, it is also the youngest – and the most wanted. Cubans have been cut off the rest of the world for too long. Now is their time to take over Facebook and Twitter. They are more than ready for it.

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Top Vegan Travel Destinations

As I am making up my travel plans for the new year, I noticed that there are many awesome destinations I never knew were vegan friendly, but actually are true vegan meccas! Let´s me make sure that this year you´ll have a great adventure and share some of that new knowledge with guides from the best vegan travel bloggers! Here are my finds: The top vegan travel destinations you have to know about!

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New Year, New Me?! – New Year´s Resolutions And Why They Kill Your Vibe

What are your plans for the New Year?! Losing weight? Getting a promotion or quit your job to travel the world? All sounds great to me. But have you ever thought, that it takes a little more that a mere New Year´s resolution, to make the most of your life?

First I have to say, that I could not resist. I did it. Besides all I have learned those past years, I still made New Year´s resolutions. This is what happened:

Thinking about the changes the new year will bring, I decided to take a big decision:

Get back to gym and regular exercise.

I was always very passionate about working out and doing outdoor activities. During the last months I consciously decided to focus on exploring the world and creating delicious vegan recipes, instead of working on improving my own health and fitness. But I realise, that eating the right foods only does so much for me and began to see the bigger picture. I still want to be the best possible version of myself, and therefore, in 2017 I will put the spotlight on A) Education and B) Fitness.

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When In New York – My Favourite Eateries: By Chloe


In addition to my last blogpost, a little something to cheer up your day! I am planning to do more videos of this kind, so make sure to hit subscribe on my You Tube channel!

Much love to you all!