Weekly Review / No. 2

New York, Washington, Baltimore  – 3. Oct – 11. Oct. 2016

Here we go again! Another episode of Jen May´s adventures in New York and beyond. A big week lies behind me! It was packed with vegan treats and travels – what could be better than that? I hope you enjoy it as well!


I always wondered why people disliked the first day of the week so much. What is it that they are afraid of? I rather see it as a challenge. A new chapter in our story. The chance to start over, with original ideas, a fresh mind, recovered powers. But I get why Monday´s are tough sometimes. The past two days were spend in a pleasant bubble of coziness, without waisting thoughts on work issues. But try to see it that way: Sometimes it is better to just attack pesky or difficult tasks right away and then live in peace for the next days. What also helps getting over the Monday blues: Make plans for the night. Either dinner with friends, movie night with bae or yoga class. Whatever it is, make Monday your friend, not the enemy.

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What Happened This Week / No. 1

Brooklyn, New York, 19. Sept – 25. Sept 2016

I figured I try something a little different for a month and start to give you guys a weekly update on my activities, travels and share some pics that didn’t make it to Instagram. What do you think of that? Well, I hope you will enjoy this insight into my life!


Biggest accomplishment of the day/week already happened on Monday! Kids, I got a BIKE! Yes, finally after weeks I am back on two wheels, taking over Brooklyn! You should see the excitement on my face right now. I am still trying to come up with a fitting name for this beauty. Any ideas?

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