Vegan Food Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for it’s delicious coffee, but when it comes to more substantial foods are vegetarians left high and dry?

By no means! I feel that Costa Rica is probably one of the easiest places to travel as a vegan. Even as a raw vegan it is fairly easy since you can always get fruit plates (oh my god the fruuuuuit), smoothies and salads.

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Trader Joe’s Vegan Food Haul

Here we go!

Vegan in Barcelona

Going to Spain? Learn about the most vegan friendly city of the country and what me and my dad ate during our weekend in Barcelona! 

Barcelona could easily be called one of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe! Seriously, I was positively surprised on how many options we found – without looking too hard!

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How To … Eating Out Vegan

As I constantly get asked what I eat on a vegan diet and how I handle eating out vegan, in non-vegan restaurants, I decided to film a short video on the matter. Especially if you are new to the vegan lifestyle, this can be a helpful guide on eating out vegan.

The good news first: It gets easier!

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Vegan Travel in New York: Brooklyn´s Sun in Bloom

Visiting New York will be one of the best decisions you can take if you are a vegan travel lover and foodie! With one veggie hotspot on every block, you won’t go hungry in the Big Apple! 

I am trying to cover them all for you, but let me tell you, my waistline doesn’t appreciate these treats as much as my spoiled tastebuds do 😉

Anyways, I discovered a real gem in Park Slope. Yesss. Brooklyn baby!!!!  — AND IT´S ALL ON TAPE!

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When In New York – My Favourite Eateries: By Chloe


In addition to my last blogpost, a little something to cheer up your day! I am planning to do more videos of this kind, so make sure to hit subscribe on my You Tube channel!

Much love to you all!