Conscious Care For Badass Women: Menstrual Cups

Conscious Care For Badass Women: Menstrual Cups

Ladies, let’s be open about our care and bring light in the dark! This is an introduction into new conscious feminine care: Menstrual cups are the answer to our prayers.

And to all the awesome boys reading this, don’t be shy, continue reading and educate yourself! You are surrounded by beautiful strong women, so learn all you can to support them!

When we educate ourselves, we empower & improve both ourselves and the world.

By being thoughtful about the products we use during our periods we can minimize the impact our lives have on our environment.

Conscious feminine care products make a positive impact on the world. The average woman generates 12,000 feminine care products (!!!) in her lifetime using typical pads and or tampons. These products end up in a landfill. Ugh.


There is a simple, vegan and sustainable solution!

Menstrual cups are a game changer. Transitioning from regular methods of feminine care to a menstrual cup means you cut down on that environmental impact in a huge way!

With the right care, one single menstrual cup can be used up to 10 YEARS!

Not to mention the cost… One menstrual cup at an average of $30 every 10 years for a cup in comparison to monthly, year-over-year purchases of typical pads and tampons… Think about it. It is worth even if you want to replace your cup after a year or lose one… (it happens…)

I’d been hesitant for so long to hop on the wagon of a menstrual cup.

I knew it was the environmental thing to do and would safe me loads of money. But no one had ever discussed it with me, only one or two of my friends used one, no one ever imparted how it actually worked, if it felt weird, if it leaked or how to take care of it and I’d never taken the time to research it.

But when I started traveling, finding tampons became quite a challenge. And I didn’t want to walk around as a living tampon bank.

So I tasked myself with the purchase of my first cup. I took the awkward, unknown leap… and you know what?


Menstrual cups are the reusable water bottle of feminine care. Sustainability matters and it’s beyond time we start to make these changes where we can to help save our planet.

© Lili Murphy-Johnson

What to expect

So yes, the first time you use it, it’s awkward. I felt 13 again. PLAN for it. Allow yourself time in the bathroom… ALONE…

READ the directions it comes with. They are simple. WASH it with the type of soap it recommends. FOLD it. INSERT it. It’ll pop open once it’s inside.

It’s really that SIMPLE.

And I didn’t even mention the best part yet!  YOU CAN LEAVE IT IN FOR 12 HOURS!

It’s really amazing that you don’t have to bother with it, it has a huge eco-friendly environmental impact on the world AND it decreases cost and hour to hour concern.
Anytime you can reduce the toxic load in, on and around your body…you’re doing your long term health a major favor.

Not convinced yet?

What feminine care products we use also has a huge impact on our health.

Tampons are laden in chemicals and mysterious ingredients….that we don’t even know the potential impact of.

Keep in mind there have been ZERO studies done on the long term impact of artificial fibers in tampons PLUS there are ZERO requirements from the FDA on ingredients that should be avoided in feminine care products.

By choosing products with less toxic load we improve our health and do good for Mother Nature!

There are so many wonderful, clean, toxin free or low toxic load products now on the market to explore!
Every body is divinely different. We are not all shaped the same, nor should we be, inside or out. I believe in the purpose of the menstrual cup and it works for me, but as in all things, it may not work with such ease for everyone.

If you lean more towards a free bleed philosophy (not inserting anything inside the body to tend to the bleeding) please check out the wonderful influx of period panties on the market today that work as high end, reusable absorbent solutions.

Buy One, Give One

I happily recommend you the use of Ruby Cups. For each mentruation cup sold, Ruby Cup gives a cup to a girl, that doesn’t have access to female care products.

*** I do not have a partnership with either of these companies, I get nothing from them, I just want you all to know what your options are!!!

Love and sunshine, Jen May

# Features Image by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Conscious Care For Badass Women: Menstrual Cups”

  1. YES! I’ve been using my Ruby Cup for over a year now, and it’s such a game changer, especially while traveling! Finally no more trying to find an open store on sundays in the countryside, awkwardly wrapping up hygiene products in search of a bin, or trying to find a not-gross bathroom during a over night bus journey in the middle of asian nowhere… 😀
    It took me a while to get completely comfortable, but after a couple of cycles I was completely hooked!

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