Holiday Season: How To Stop Weight Gain

Holiday Season: How To Stop Weight Gain

Christmas is here and with it, all the sweet treats and hearty meals we have been looking forward to all year. And if we learned one thing during the last holiday seasons, the feast will leave us running to the gym with guilt as soon as the new year starts. There must be a way to avoid the repetition of this old game you think?! I bet you there is! So don’t stress and let me give you the solution! Stop weight gain, go vegan!

I am not going to tell you that you shouldn’t treat yourself. We all know that holidays are for splurging – it wouldn’t be the same without a naughty dessert or a glass of festive red wine! But to be honest, most of us stick to the weight they gain over the holidays. Those few pounds can sum up over the years…Thankfully, with my simple hints and tips, you could have a healthier Christmas, stop weight gain and still enjoy all those snacks that you love to nibble on!

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So, how can we manage to make it through the holidays without putting on extra pounds?!

Eliminate Calorie Bombs From Your Holiday Meal Plan!

You will feel super comfy in your christmas sweater, but don’t forget, calories still count on Christmas! So try to keep track of your intake and remember: A healthy, active woman has a basic need of 2.000 kcal per day, a man needs about 3.000 kcal per day. Anything above these numbers is going to land on your hips. To be exact: 9.000 calories make 1 kg fat. If you keep this in mind, it will be much easier to stop weight gain!

We know what the source of all evil is, but how to we combat it? The answer is: By switching to healthier options!

Here are 5 easy swaps that will make all the difference!

Calorie Bomb No. 1: Mulled Wine.

300 kcal per glass!? That is way too much! Switch to the alcohol free version: It comes with only 80 kcal per glass and will not stop you from hitting the gym first thing next morning!

Calorie Bomb No. 2: Meat, Meat, Meat.

Skip the meat-fest and reduce your animal proteins with some favorite plant-based dishes.

People eat meat in excess during the festivities, many Christmas tables are piled high with every meat dish you can think of from pork, to turkey, to beef to chicken to dried or snack meats.

Here are some great vegetable dishes that will satisfy anyone and stop weight gain:

Chickpea Tart by plantpoweredkitchen

Calorie Bomb No. 3: Sugared Nuts.
The smell is tempting, but once that you remember that a 100 g bag of sugared almonds has 500 kcal, your desire will evaporate! Obviously, candied and fried snacks in general increase your calories unnecessarily and contribute to the elevation of your triglycerides and blood sugars. Try maroons or unsugared nuts instead or enjoy a steamed or baked versions.

Yes, even sweet potatoes can satisfy that sweet tooth.

Calorie Bomb No. 4: Heavy Desserts 

It’s the holidays, so you don’t need to say no to desserts wholeheartedly, because I have some options that you’ll love without the guilt. And believe me, with these it is much easier than you think to enjoy light and healthy desserts in the cold time of the year.

Try the following:

Raw chocolate brownies found on

The key is eating healthy throughout the holiday season and remembering portion control when it comes to your it-wouldn’t-be-Thanksgiving-or-Christmas-without-them foods. For the rest of the courses, all you have to do is make the right choices that will allow you to indulge and enjoy, yet keep you from loading up on the fatty, high-calories dishes that can quickly lead to unwanted weight gain.

Did you find this guide helpful?! Then leave me a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you have more tips on how to stop weight gain during the holidays and in general? Have you lost weight on a vegan diet? Let us know how?

Happy Holidays, Jen

Jamie Oliver´s Baked Squash with nutty cranberry and rice stuffing


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