How To … Eating Out Vegan

How To … Eating Out Vegan

As I constantly get asked what I eat on a vegan diet and how I handle eating out vegan, in non-vegan restaurants, I decided to film a short video on the matter. Especially if you are new to the vegan lifestyle, this can be a helpful guide on eating out vegan.

The good news first: It gets easier!

I truly enjoy preparing delicious plant-based meals, but once in a while I like the comfort of sitting down on a nicely decorated table and to order from a menu without any further work on my side. Usually I am my own boss, travel and work alone (the luxury of being a digital nomad) and don’t have to care about other peoples wishes. But once in a while, I am hanging out with meat-eating friends or family members and the moment comes, that somebody hungrily states: “Time to grab dinner, huh?”. I used to panic when I was forced to eat out in a regular restaurant. Where would we go? Would I find anything to eat?

Should all this feel strangely familiar to you, don’t worry, I have the solution for you! I hate to bother other people with my – what seems to them – unusual diet and don’t want to cause distress. So I had to come up with a strategy to make eating out vegan enjoyable for me and my non-vegan company. Turns out, that it takes not more than a little practice.

Here are my tips and tricks!

For more information on eating out vegan, check out the blog post I wrote for not so long ago!

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