How To … Spice Up Your Tofu Game

How To … Spice Up Your Tofu Game

As a non-vegan, I used to draw big circles around the Tofu dishes on any menu. I had never gotten quite lucky with my own experiments and soon decided that Tofu just wasn’t my thing.

Things changed when I gave up on animal products. Not only did I become more interested in what my food choices meant for others living beings, but I also started to question what I wanted to put into my body – and what not.

What effects have the foods I consume?

As an exercise junkie I was concerned that without chicken and dairy, I would not be consuming enough protein. Of course, I did my research. It turned out, that many plant-based foods could easily keep up with animal products when it came to protein.

See a full list of great plant-based protein sources by the blogger “nutritionstripped” here.


„It is worth taking a look at the health benefits of adding Tofu to your diet. It is a wonderful source of easy digestible protein and therefore the perfect alternative to read meat or chicken. Especially vegans, vegetarians and those looking to move towards a more plant-based diet, benefit from the fact that Tofu contains about 8 g of protein per 100 g!“ Jen May for

And suddenly, Tofu was back on the meal plan. It became one of my all time favorite, easy peasy to prepare foods! Wether as scrambled Tofu, complementary to the veggies, sautéed with agave syrup, cinnamon and bananas (it is a thing!!!), or as fluffy chocolate pudding – Tofu is for the lazy days, for office lunch and for school sandwiches. But Tofu is also for fancy dishes, stuffings, creams, cakes, for baking, grilling, frying and so much more.

How to find the best Tofu

I like my Tofu organic and from local soy beans. When in Germany, I rely on two on brands, Taifun and Tukan. They produce the most delicious Tofu, made with european, non-gmo soy beans from organic farms. Their Tofu comes in the well-known forms: silken, soft and firm. But they also offer smoked or flavored Tofu! Yes, I said flavored. Nothing goes over Taifun´s Basil Tofu. Well, maybe Tofurky´s Coconut Curry Tempeh, but that his a whole other story…. When I am staying in New York, I use Nasoya and Woodstock Tofu. Both use non-gmo soy beans for their products.

Not sure which Tofu is best for the recipe you have in mind? On I recently wrote a „Tofu Guide“ that will help you find the right kind of Tofu for any dish! Check it out here.


How to prepare Tofu

Tofu is simply a way of turning the boring soybean into something that, with proper cooking, is hearty (or sweet) and nutritious, with a subtle flavor and a range of appetizing textures. It is as it turns out really just a matter of the right technique and more than everything else, the right marinade. Since Tofu doesn’t have a strong taste itself, it easily takes on the flavor of other ingredients, which makes it easy to spice it, cook, bake, fry or grill.

Check out all the different ways to prepare Tofu!

Marinated and simply cooked until grill marks appear, it is a perfect and super healthy way to get through BBQ season! It doesn’t take more than 5 to 7 minutes for each side to get a deliciously crispy result.

Deep Fried
Cut the tofu into cubes, dip it in non-dairy milk and then coat it with seasoned flour, bread crumbs or cornflakes. Then fry it until it’s browned and crispy. The tofu will taste super moist and tender on the inside and have a delicious crunchy coating on the outside.

Pan Fried
You can do this with plain or marinated tofu. The way to go it is to cut the tofu in slices and fry them in a preferably heavy cast iron skillet over moderate heat until it turns deep brown and crispy on both sides.

Wether marinated or just tossed into cornstarch to get an extra crunchy result, backed tofu is super delicious and really magical! When hot from the oven, it’s crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle. Nothing better than adding baked tofu to your salad!

It is so easy to turn Tofu into a healthy dessert! I love to fry firm tofu with syrup and cinnamon or create chocolate pudding with soft Tofu!

You are not quite convinced yet? Then try this amazing recipe and you will for sure change your mind really quick!

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

A chocolate pudding low in calories but high in protein.

No added industrial sugar and prepared in less than 5 minutes.

With this recipe you will create a healthy chocolaty dessert that pleases any sweet tooth!

I hope you find this helpfull! I would love you to leave me a comment below or tag me in your photos if you recreate a dish and upload it to social media!

All the best, Jen

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