Plant Eaters Are Taking Over Berlin – “Just Vegan Open Air” 2016

Plant Eaters Are Taking Over Berlin – “Just Vegan Open Air” 2016

Making Vegan Happen – How a Dream Turns Into Reality

A sunny day at the beginning of June, I happened to meet a very openhearted and outgoing girl on a vegan meet up in Berlin. She was spreading so much vivacity, that we connected immediately! Sharing a basket of fresh strawberries we sat on our blanket, enjoyed the sun and chatted about this and that.

The girl´s name is Lena, and she is a very engaged part of the city´s vegan community. It turned out that Lena has big plans for the future! She told me about her idea of organizing Berlin´s first, free vegan open air. Lena had already created a detailed image in her mind of what the event would look like: a mixture of a picnic and an open air, with live acts, people dancing and enjoying great music and good food. It was all supposed to be about making new friends, having a great time and of course share the love for the vegan lifestyle – without being dogmatic about it.

I immediately fell in love with the idea and wanted to be part of this exciting project! So we teamed up with a couple of other friends and started brainstorming! The to-do-list was long: A location had to be found, we needed musicians and artists, people organizing a kids corner, a yoga teacher and and and… You see where I am going.

After weeks of search, we found the perfect location. The first edition of the “Just Vegan Open Air” will be hosted at Kobel Hostel, the former Scube Park. The hostel has a huge backyard with a chill out area and enough open space to welcome all guests! It can be reached easily, being situated in Neukölln close to the Station Boddinstraße (U8). So you can hop on a train or your bike and be there in no time.

After finding a location, we knew:

The dream is coming true! It is happening!


WHEN? DAY 7 OF AUGUST 2016  –   12 A.M. – 10 P.M.


With every week our plans take on more reality. Lena is an amazing event manager, keeping it all together and always staying cool headed. This open air is completely organized by volunteers. Likeminded people who invest a lot of time and energy into this project. Everyone involved is very motivated. But it will be a first edition and of course, we can’t expect it to be perfect.

We want to enjoy delicious vegan food, chill and get to know amazing new people. Our free open air can only work out, if everyone participates and brings along some snacks, fruits, backed treats or salads. For people that don’t have the time to bring along something, we will organize a vegan BBQ and a bar in cooperation with the hostel.

There will be a lot to see and do! We are planning some workshops such as crafting seed bombs, learning to keep you balance on the slack line and yoga classes with an experienced teacher. Also we will have a clothes exchange station, where you can leave a good piece and take another you like. Kids are of course welcome!

Check out the Facebook event page for more information or send me an email!

You see, there will be much going on – and you and me right in the middle of it!

I very much hope to see you there and am looking forward to the 7th of August!

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You can find Lena spreading positive vibes and yummy recipes on  Youtube  and Instagram. She will be happy if you leave her a comment!

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