New Year, New Me?! – New Year´s Resolutions And Why They Kill Your Vibe

What are your plans for the New Year?! Losing weight? Getting a promotion or quit your job to travel the world? All sounds great to me. But have you ever thought, that it takes a little more that a mere New Year´s resolution, to make the most of your life?

First I have to say, that I could not resist. I did it. Besides all I have learned those past years, I still made New Year´s resolutions. This is what happened:

Thinking about the changes the new year will bring, I decided to take a big decision:

Get back to gym and regular exercise.

I was always very passionate about working out and doing outdoor activities. During the last months I consciously decided to focus on exploring the world and creating delicious vegan recipes, instead of working on improving my own health and fitness. But I realise, that eating the right foods only does so much for me and began to see the bigger picture. I still want to be the best possible version of myself, and therefore, in 2017 I will put the spotlight on A) Education and B) Fitness.

New Year´s resolution

I Am Setting New (Old) Goals!

My cooperation with comes perfectly handy! I do not only learn more about nutrition and create new cruelty-free dishes for their readers and for you, I also do a lot of research on exercise and gym fitness related topics.

Now, I am for sure not going to turn into a fitness blogger, don’t worry.

But I am setting new goals and will keep you updated on my journey on a regular basis. And yes, I will sneak in more healthy recipes – even though I will always go heavy on the “treat yourself side”, I promise 🙂

What are your goals for the new year? Do you have New Year´s Resolutions for 2017 and if so, what goes on the list? If not, why so? I am very interested in your opinion!

On you can read more about my new years resolutions and how you can make the best of a fresh start in 2017! Click here for more!

New Year´s resolution

New Year´s resolution

Are you ready to tackle your fitness goals? Well, I figured I could help you out and wrote a short article about my favourite fitness and lifestyle blogger for, who inspire me to work a litte harder and stay motivated! Sounds great? Then read more here.

This is who I talked to:


Nina from “Berries and Passion”


Faya from “Fitness on Toast”


Louisa from “FitTrio”


Mark from “Marathon Fitness”


Janne from “Janne in Wonderland”


Julia from “Jules Vogel”

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