30 Days Fully Raw Challenge

30 Days Fully Raw Challenge

Two to three times a year I am giving my body a rest from the stress of traveling and eating out. I go fully raw for several weeks in a row! This leaves me full of energy and gives me the strength to pursue all my goals. 

Healthy body, healthy mind!

30 DAYS FULLY RAW – How does it work? 

No animal products     No processed foods    No refined sugars

No caffeine/alcohol     No chemical or preservative ridden foods


• Why did I choose raw? 
• What have I learned so far?
• Did I ever get sick?
• How is the gym going?
• Did I loose any weigh?
• Is fully raw more expensive than a regular vegan diet?
• Will I stay on a 100% raw vegan diet?

Nice cream for breakfast and lunch. Can´t go wrong with a classic!

Why did I choose raw?

I reached a point where I did not see any other solution. My nervous stomach decided to constantly rebel against the food I ate, not allowing me to properly concentrate on working and exercising. I was bloated 24/7 and feeling heavy and tired after meals. Literally. So I decided to try 30 days fully raw.

Inspired by personal encounters with raw-foodists and watching social media personalities like Kim-Julie (@BrusselsVegan), Yovana (@rawvana) and Kristina (@FullyRawKristina) devour one green smoothie after another whilst smiling into the camera with glowing skin, I thought that I might as well just give it a try.

If you are curious to learn more about my journey, read about my food philosophy and personal background.

Glowing from the inside and out: Yovana from @rawvana with a beautiful bowl of zucchini noodles! Find the recipe on youtube and a lot more inspiration on her blog: rawvana.com !

What have I learned so far?

It takes preparation. It is great to eat a strawberry or banana mono-meal once in a while, yes. But not all day, every day. Everything else takes a little more planning. I mostly have mapped out what I eat the next day. I prepare my breakfast smoothies and nice cream bowls right there. But I still have to think of taking the fruits, one and the other superfood and snacks. For dinner I rely on salad. A LOT of salad. I am talking bowls the size of my head times two. No kidding. – And I am loving it!

And it takes patience. You thought going vegan was tough? Try going 30 days fully raw and see what happens. Even vegans suddenly find their humor and ask if you are getting enough protein.It is not all about fruits and veggies. Raw foods also include grains, sprouts, fermented and sundried foods. One of my go to meals became raw buckwheat porridge. I love that stuff. And did you know it was possible to eat raw sweet potato? Me neither.

Zucchini works in smoothies. Hell yeah. Get all the veggies in without even noticing it. Perfect with spinach, kiwi and avocado plus chia seeds.

Frozen pea hummus is a thing. When my colleague Michele first told me about this, I didn’t even know what to say. But the truth is, she was right. Go get a bag of peas and just do it. There is no other way than trying it yourself.

Frozen pea hummus. The raw vegan alternative to the regular stuff (made with cooked chickpeas)! I didn’t believe it until I tried!

Did I ever get sick?

NO. In fact my stomach has been so much better these last days. No sickness, no aching. I noticed that my cravings for unprocessed foods vanished after a few days into this challenge. Instead of chocolate or the pb&j sammy, I crave a lot more greens instead! I don’t get this feeling of needing something right now and here. Plus I don’t overeat anymore! Yay!

How is the gym going?

AWESOME. Since the bloating and stomach pain is gone, I can fully concentrate on gym! It was the worst to work out after having had two cooked meals. That is not a problem anymore. Running on raw foods (hehe) I am having a lot more energy in the afternoon! And it all goes towards my fitness goals. I am curious if building up muscle is going to be just as easy…

Did I loose any weigh?

YES. I normally lose about 3 pounds only 15 days into the raw vegan challenge. No wonder, since I cut out a ton of carb loaded, processed foods. Still it is a surprise to me, since I basically live off avocados. I do eat a lot more fats than I used to (just mentioning coconut and cashew milk…). It is really easy to over eat on fats on a fully raw diet, so I would recommend keeping an eye on it!

I am in love with thick green smoothie bowls! A real vitamin infusion!

Is fully raw more expensive than a regular vegan diet?

YES AND NO. Let´s face it. Buying organic produce is expensive. And since I eat a lot more of it, I also spend a couple bucks more. On the other hand I spend way less on eating out, buying snacks and coffee to go. So I am keeping the balance and not breaking the bank.

Will I stay on a 100% raw diet?

YES AND NO. I am not feeling limited by raw cuisine. I will definitely follow through with this challenge and decide from there where the journey goes! For the most part, I am still convinced that a diet that includes both raw and cooked foods is most well-rounded, offering maximum variety of nutrition.

Let´s keep in touch!

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