Vegan Food Guide To Brighton

I spared no expense to bring to you the ultimate vegan food guide for Brighton – From pizza through maki burritos to healthy treats like Açai bowls and such, this comprehensive guide contains all the information that a vegan foodie needs in this quirky English beach town!

If you follow my social media activities, you are already aware of it: I fell hard for South England in general and Brighton in specific. I truly believe, that one of the keys to happiness lies within the management of your expectations of people and places. But coming to Brighton was different. Everybody I met beforehand and told about my travel plans, held very strong opinions on this quirky English town. Usually they would tell me stories of long nights out in one of the 365 pubs (yes, one for each day of the year), mouth-watering vegan treats, the great craft coffee scene, and many more things that made me perk up my ears. Would the city keep these promises?

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What I Eat In A Day – Vegan In Berlin

Guys, it finally happened! My first You Tube video is out there for you to enjoy. I can´t even believe how long it took me to get it up there.

Well, here it is! Plain Jen May awkwardness. From now on you will be able to watch goofy me, making my way around the world, on a more regular base. I promise (to try).

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