Top Vegan Travel Destinations

Top Vegan Travel Destinations

As I am making up my travel plans for the new year, I noticed that there are many awesome destinations I never knew were vegan friendly, but actually are true vegan meccas! Let´s me make sure that this year you´ll have a great adventure and share some of that new knowledge with guides from the best vegan travel bloggers! Here are my finds: The top vegan travel destinations you have to know about!


Warsaw, Poland!

Another European hotspot for vegan foodies! Warsaw currently boasts over 30 all vegan restaurants and most of them are located within a square mile. This means one is able walk to dozens of different vegan restaurants within 10 minutes!

From vegan sushi spots to vegan pizza places, Warsaw has it all. And yes, almost every restaurant offers vegetarian or even vegan options to satisfy everyone. This is a top vegan travel destination you should not miss out on!

Before I continue talking, let the vegan travel blogger Herbivore make you fall in love with Warsaw!

Berlin, Germany! 

It is not all about the Bratwurst! The world hipster capital is also home to thousands of vegans and they are living in a plant-based mecca with more exclusively vegan restaurants than any other city on the continent! Berlin is also home to the worlds first vegan supermarket chain, Veganz.

A big plus: Given Berlin’s relatively low prices, the costs of vegan foods are comparably low. If you wanna see what I ate on a typical day in Berlin, check out this short video.

Other German veggie meccas: Hamburg und Cologne!

By Clem Onojeghuo

Prague, Czech Republic!

Prague hasn’t made it on your travel radar, yet? Well, things are about to change! In fact Prague seems to be leading the way in Europe, offering a diverse range of vegan restaurants. But that should be old news. Prague apparently had four vegetarian restaurants before World War II .

Learn more about Prague and why it is a top vegan travel destination, by checking out veggievisa´s full city guide!

Athens, Greece!

It’s easy to think that Greek cuisine is all meat, all the time. Well, to be honest, Greeks are emotionally attached to their grill. But at the same time, there are hundreds of wholesome, hearty meals without a trace of meat in them. Check out the guide by kidslovegreece to vegetarian and vegan food in Greece and discover awesome Greek vegan dishes.

Barcelona, Spain!

Barcelona is about more than chorizo and jamon! The city does not only count four (!) vegan grocery stores, but also a great list of veggie-friendly restaurants! Traveling vegans and vegetarians can visit with peace of mind and enjoy the sun Spain´s!

Sam and Zab from wrote a beautiful summary on their Barcelona experience!

By Elizabeth Lies

Middle East

Tel Aviv, Israel!

Israel’s modern seaside city hosts the world’s largest vegan festival, Vegan-Fest Tel Aviv, and was recently ranked the #1 Top Vegan Travel Destination by The Daily Meal.

Almost one in 20 Israelis describes themselves as vegan, a number that feels much higher in Tel Aviv. Of course, the vegan staple of falafel can be found virtually everywhere, but you can also get vegan versions of shawarma! And even Domino’s in Tel Aviv serves vegan pizza.

Cairo, Egypt

You will be surprised at how many vegan options there are in this ancient metropolis. There is no reason to be deprived or go hungry while travelling in Egypt! In downtown Cairo you will find traditional Egyptian vegan food merely steps away or you could take a $1- taxi ride and enjoy a more international vegan fare. Or visit the pyramids and enjoy delicious vegan treats from local markets!

Giselle from Vegan Travel can tell you more about Cairo!

By Rob Bye

South America

São Paulo, Brazil!

You heard right. São Paulo has more to offer than a fucking awesome carnaval, Caipirinha and hot Brazilians – though all of this is pretty awesome and definitely a reason to visit, too. It is one of the top vegan travel destinations. This is why!

The city surprises with in innumerous vegan restaurants. The numbers increase from week to week, since vegan restaurants expand throughout the city rapidly. Make sure to visit Vegacy on Rua Augusta, to check out Apfel and Lar Vegetariano, the Barão Natural and please, eat yourself into a food coma at Panda Vegano. Vegan life is great in Brazil.

Happy Cow has a long list of vegan cafés and restaurants, but be sure, thats by far not all São Paulo has to offer you! Remember – the city is a massive. So is the offer of vegan treats!

Once that you´re in Brazil, stop by Rio de Janeiro, another place to be for vegans. If it was just to eat yummy Açai sold by the vendors on the beach and to sip fresh juice from the ripest jungle fruits- it would be worth it!

Bogota, Colombia!

Another underdog! Bogota has 50 vegetarian restaurants sprinkled throughout the city, with a concentration around the more touristic places. Recently, a fully vegan store opened it´s doors. While vegetarianism is definitely upcoming, some of Bogotá’s meat-free eateries have actually been around for decades. The dishes are super creative, delicious and cheap! We are talking soup, salad, entree, sides, dessert and drink for $4-cheap. The menu del dia makes it possible. Bogota here we come!

By Dariusz Sankowski

Central America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica comes with beautiful beaches and exotic rain forests, but it’s also a place where vegans will feel right at home. There are awesome vegan restaurants and resorts (!) and luckily, many of the country’s staple foods such as rice and beans, steamed vegetables and tropical fruits are free of animal products. Vegans can enjoy this tropical paradise while feasting on many of the nations native plants and fruits. Costa Rica, a top vegan travel destination!

North America

Vancouver, Canada!

When in Vancouver, you won’t have to worry about where you’re going to fuel up for hiking the towering mountains or paddling wild waters. The city offers an incredible variety of restaurants and coffee bars that serve excellent vegan and vegetarian food, deriving from the West Coast tradition and influenced by all the cultures embraced by this city.

Vancouver is ripe with choices for the vegan traveler! It will be hard to pick out only a couple restaurants. This video by vegan traveler Kristin might help you make up your mind!

By Anthony Delanoix

New York, USA!

You can´t talk about top vegan travel destinations without mentioning New York at least once.

It is not just the fucking food capital of the world, but also home of the best vegan chefs – nope, I am not talking about me :P. Isa Chandra, Urban Vegan Kitchen master mind Timothy Patron and Daphne Cheng are just a few.

Restaurants like By Chloe and Blossom du Jour are heavily frequented – by meat-eaters and vegans! It is difficult for vegans to feel excluded from much in the Big Apple.

Portland, USA!

“Portland, Oregon is hands down the best city for vegans in the entire country,” says Will Travel For Vegan Food blogger Kristin (see my interview with her here).

This city is and will forever be on the list of top vegan travel destinations. I mean, this city has a VEGAN STRIPCLUB… Helloooo?!

Besides that, Portland is also home to a vegan mini-mall, where businesses like the Herbivore Clothing Company are stocked with awesome sections of vegan cookbooks and lifestyle books, clothes, shoes and and and! Little surprising, Portland earned top marks from PETA as America’s #1 Vegan-Friendly City.


Taipei, Taiwan!

Hell yeah! Asia is a paradise for vegans, we already knew that! But Taiwan has been underestimated so far! A Buddhist dominant country with many inexpensive veggie and vegan buffet-style dining facilities serving up to 100 different options. Taiwan is famous for its offerings of mock meat varieties and down home cooking. If you are up for that, book your trip now!

By Steven Lewis


You are a fan of the soy bean? This is your place. Both Malay and Singaporean cuisine tend to use lots of tofu. With a rather sizeable South Indian population, you’ll find a multitude of Indian vegetarian and vegan restaurants too. Visit the Singapore Vegetarian Society’s website at for a full list of places to eat.

Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Chiang Mai, with its large expat population, is home to raw food restaurants, macrobiotic cafes, and healthy salad bars. Even eateries that aren’t vegan-specific, offer meatless Pad Thai, tom yum soup, coconut milk-based curries and salads. Thailand also holds a vegetarian festival every year over a ten-day period, normally falling in September or October. Maybe the opportunity you were waiting for?

Chennai, India!

When half of a countries population is vegetarian, you can surely expect some awesome food options. But be careful! Northern Indian cuisine relies heavily on ghee (clarified butter). Luckily, South India is different! There, cooking is more reliant on coconut milk, rice, and legumes.

Regional cuisine varies so much in South India that in Chennai alone you’ll be able to enjoy vegan specialties from Kerala, Andhra, Chettinad, and more — you’ll never, ever, get bored of the food in this city.

Order Andhra thali (a plate of rice with various curries) munch on idlis and dosas, and don’t miss out on some vegan Indian-Chinese specialties!

By Varshesh Joshi



You will be surprised to learn, how happy a vegan belly can be in Ethiopia! Many followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church don’t eat meat on Wednesdays or Fridays, and engage in meat-free fasts during various times of the year. Of course, they don’t go hungry those days, but enjoy a variety of delicious vegan meals!

Ethiopia is best known for injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread made of teff flour that’s naturally vegan (and gluten-free). Instead of using utensils and plates, Ethiopians eat off the injera and use it to pick up food. Vegetarians can enjoy many lentil, pea, and bean dishes! Sounds awesome?! Sure, it is one of the top vegan travel destinations!

With this, you should be ready to hit the road!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! You have an addition to make? Please let me know in the comments! We are always happy to learn about more great destinations!

Safe travels, Jen May!

(Featured image by Slava Bowman)

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  1. This is so perfect! I have been vegetarian for about a year, and finding places to eat while traveling can indeed be tricky! And I’m headed to Athens this spring so I am happy to see it on this list. Great resource, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks girl! I bet you will have a great time! Let me know how it went! I would be happy to hear all about the trip and get some restaurant tips 🙂

  2. I was surprised to see Chennai featured in your post. Yes the Indian scenario is improving but it is not as optimal as it should be. Now if they would just start with gluten free alternatives for me!

    1. Hey Penny! You might be right, India hasn’t reached it´s full potential yet. But I wanted to make sure, the South Indian kitchen is included in this article as it has a lot to offer to us vegan foodies! Yes, gluten free will most likely stay tough, since it is a dietary restriction that is farely unknown in many countries. Maybe we need a gluten-free travel blogger?! 🙂

      1. Hi! If you are interested in adding India to your list and want to have more accurate information. I just got back from an extensive trip and both Goa and Mumbai have many more options than Chennai. Maybe throw them in instead! & to Penny’s point above – were able to do a lot of Gluten after too!

        1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the tip! I am definitely going to look into that and will add those places – I have many people asking for gluten-free, so I think it would be a great addition! Thank you so much!

        2. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the tip! I am definitely going to look into that and will add those places – I have many people asking for gluten-free, so I think it would be a great addition! Thanks again! All the best!

    1. I am happy to hear that! That is so cool. Let me know if you have any vegan restaurants you would like to point out, since you seem to be a Costa Rica expert! I would love to add the information! Best, Jen May

  3. Thanks for the list. I would definetely add Java, Indonesia to it.
    Many vegan foods are just naturally part of the local kitchen like tempeh which originated in Indonesia, peanutsauce, coconut and the local tofu is literally so good you can eat it without any seasoning.
    The downsides to it are that its difficult to find raw veggies and the food is often quite oily, but Java was the easiest place for us in south east asia on a long bike trip.

    1. Tabea, all of this sounds so delicious! Thank you for the tip! I will definitely check it out and place it on the updated version! I would love to hear more about your bike trip! Sounds awesome! All the best, Jen

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