Vegan Food Guide To Brighton

Vegan Food Guide To Brighton

I spared no expense to bring to you the ultimate vegan food guide for Brighton – From pizza through maki burritos to healthy treats like Açai bowls and such, this comprehensive guide contains all the information that a vegan foodie needs in this quirky English beach town!

If you follow my social media activities, you are already aware of it: I fell hard for South England in general and Brighton in specific. I truly believe, that one of the keys to happiness lies within the management of your expectations of people and places. But coming to Brighton was different. Everybody I met beforehand and told about my travel plans, held very strong opinions on this quirky English town. Usually they would tell me stories of long nights out in one of the 365 pubs (yes, one for each day of the year), mouth-watering vegan treats, the great craft coffee scene, and many more things that made me perk up my ears. Would the city keep these promises?

A magnet for creative folk, Brighton lies nestled on the South coast of East Sussex, with the beautiful South Downs standing majestically behind it. Its official title is 'Brighton & Hove', which I was blissfully unaware of when I arrived. The two towns were brought together in 2000 and granted city status - although many of the locals still consider the two to be separate. So, forgive me as well, if I refer to the place merely as 'Brighton'.

As a student town, Brighton has always been ahead of the game. Complimenting the city’s charm and liberal vibe, Brighton has a generous vegan scene, which can definitely compete with London – if not excel the capital’s offers. I found, that exclusively vegetarian restaurants existed for over 30 years! And more…

My to do list says it all! Brighton has a ton to offer for vegan foodies. The best vegan eats were hard to choose!

In the one week I spend in town I ate my way through more restaurants, pubs and cafes than I ever did before in such a short time… And I would have returned to many of them for seconds, if only I would have had more time (and deeper pockets).  Luckily, I had the help of two equally passionate vegan foodies, Sam and Veren from Alternative Travelers – Because great food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends. So, to new friendships!

A few extra pounds should not be the only souvenir of this vacation. I have come up with a comprehensive guide for vegans living or visiting Brighton, from pizza through maki burritos to healthier treats. Many people were commenting on my finds via Instagram, which means that there is obviously a great interest in where to find the best vegan eats in Brighton! So here is what I found. But be aware, the list is far from complete. But I will be back to work on it 😉


– Restaurants –


I wish I could take anybody who ever told me vegans can’t have pizza to PUREZZA to prove them how wrong they were.  Owned and run by Italians, PURREZA is a plant pioneer with a big goal: Revolutionizing Italian food through cruelty free ingredients. How they want to achieve this? By making their food superior to the traditional alternatives. And they are doing everything right! From mouthwatering starters (VEGAN cheese balls!) to pizza based on traditional family recipes, toppings with a special twist (potatoes! seitan salami! pea pancetta!) and mind blowing desserts.

Exclusive to Brighton, this is a must-eat destination for visiting vegans!

Enjoy your pizza with all the luxury you deserve! No more “Hold the cheese”! At PUREZZA, vegan cheeses are made in house, and let me tell you, they are mind blowing! Just take the plant-based mozzarella. They spent over two years developing their mozzarella using a blend of rice milk, chickpeas and olive oil. It is not only tastier than traditional mozzarella, it’s also less than half the calories and fat (meaning you can eat double the amount!). But they don’t stop at mozzarella! PUREZZA also makes raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta style cheese and a creamy coconut cheese.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls with a gluten intolerance, don’t worry! PUREZZA has your back! Whilst all food is animal-free, therefore, also dairy and meat-free, gluten-free food is also at the forefront of their innovation. They currently have a wide range of gluten-free options, including a meaty pea protein burger, creamy pasta dishes and delicious raw food choices.

PUREZZA, I will be back. I am still dreaming of the very promising cheese plate I couldn’t get my hands on yet!

12 St James’s Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1RE

Website with full menu and more!

PUREZZA (purity) was founded in 2015, becoming the first vegan pizzeria in the UK.
No matter what, get your hands on those cheese balls. The secret? Coconut cheese makes your taste buds do a happy dance.



VBITES is passionate about producing delicious food including breakfast, mains and snacks that will reduce the environmental impact of your meals. Situated in the heart of Brighton, VBITES Café & Store offers new delicious specials week by week and a Sunday Roast to die for. The menu includes everything from Portobello mushroom burgers to delicious almond muffins and Yorkshire puddings.

If you’re in the mood for some naughty food, VBITES is full of treats such as pizzas and burgers with plenty of meaty, cheesey substitutes. You can get your ‘cheese fix’ at VBITES knowing that no animals have been used when eating it. They also stock a variety of tasty vegan goodies to take home including their own vegan meats, fish, cheeses, deli pots and sauces.

14 East Street, Brighton BN1 1HP



VBITES Sunday roasts are a great option if you’re looking for a roast without the nasty animal bits. You can choose from turkey, beef, gammon or a nut roast and they come with all the typical roast lunch trimmings including a Yorkshire pudding!




FOOD FOR FRIENDS is an award-winning vegetarian restaurant in the historic South Lanes and has been around since 1981. Their ethos is tasty, affordable and honest cooking using the freshest produce, totally homemade, whilst supporting local suppliers where possible. Their menu is not 100% cruelty-free, but has many vegan and gluten-free options.

If you like it fancy, you will love this spot! Choose from delicious homemade ravioli or generously stacked shared platters for two with a glass of wine. This is luxurious vegan and veggie food at its finest.

17-18 Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HF




It is hard not to be impressed by Green Kitchen’s menu. Enjoy a full English breakfast including vegan sausage and artisan vegan bacon as I did, or an incredible range of burgers with very creative flavors. Their BBQ burger for example, features a guilt-free seitan quarter pounder which enough to make anybody drool! The burger comes with fries and coleslaw. The homemade patty is topped with melted cheese, a streaky rasher, caramelised red onions,  house BBQ sauce and pickles.  Their dessert selection looked decent, too. But as you will learn below, we simply didn’t have any room left for sweets.

GREEN KITCHEN is lovely, fresh vegan food served by happy people. If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming, relaxed cafe that serves wholesome food, this is a sure bet. They’re dog-friendly too, so feel free to bring your little buddies along for the ride.

8 Preston Rd, Brighton, BN1 4QF


We came for lunch and were super impressed by the quality of the food and the portion sizes. With very affordable prices, we sure did not expect to be treated to such delicious meals.
I got the “mini” full English breakfast for only  5 Pounds and was quite speechless when I was served THIS!


– Fast Food –


This is vegan sushi at its best! The main item of HAPPY MAKI’S small menu are rolls, that are basically sushi burritos – and I fell in love at the first bite. Every single ingredient just works so well in combination with the others. Crunchy mock meats, fresh veggies, delicious sauces and all the right spices in a perfect roll. HAPPY MAKI hit my soft spot. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously good it tasted!

HAPPY MAKI was founded with the aim of raising awareness of ongoing marine issues, giving people an option to eat truly sustainable sushi which is good for their bodies, good for the oceans ​and great for the taste buds.

Watch the documentary that inspired Happy Maki founder Anna to start a cruelty-free Sushi revolution: “End of the line”

And it gets better! HAPPY MAKI sells food with a purpose, and it is not only to safe the oceans and their beautiful creatures or to fill your tummy with delicious plant-based foods! With every sushi wrap you buy, HAPPY MAKI donates seven pence to Mary’s Meals to feed a child in hunger.  Mary’s Meals provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day meaning they attend school too. Learn more about the cause right here.

8 Poole Valley, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1PN


First stop after arriving in Brighton? A true happy meal: The Fully Loaded Maki with crispy “chicken” and sweet potato wedges plus a side of the famous cauliflower popcorn!



The Loving Hut has two restaurants in Brighton, serving … well, just about everything plant-based you could possibly imagine. While many vegan and vegetarian restaurants try to come up with vegetable-focused alternatives to animal products, LOVING HUT is one which imitates traditionally meat-oriented dishes.

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast panini, a ‘chicken’ burger or a traditional ice cream sundae, LOVING HUT is guaranteed to leave you full up for the rest of the day, and all with very reasonable prices as well.

I went there for lunch with Sam and Veren from Alternative Travelers and we enjoyed a hearty, quite healthy meal with an Asian touch. As it was a sunny day when we visited the restaurant, we sat at a table out the front and watched the busy Sunday crowd go by.

Did you know? LOVING HUT is currently the fastest growing international vegan fast food chain in the world, with branches already established in Europe including France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Austria complementing those across the globe in a growing network of locations such as USA, Formosa (Taiwan), Au Lac (Vietnam), Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

48 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN and 5 St. Peters Place, Brighton & Hove BN1 4SA


At LOVING HUT all dishes seem to contain at least one deep fried item, but if you don’t mind a naughty lunch every once in a while, this might be the perfect spot for you!


– Pubs –


Located inside the Marlborough Pub and Theatre, the VEGAN FOOD PIMP  provides “Dirty but Healthy” plant-based treats.  Regular dishes include seitan burgers, southern style fried “chicken”, falafel wraps and vegan tortillas – Filled with potato, onion and herbs, this is the Spanish equivalent to the fritta, just delicious!

Sam, Veren and me showed up on what appeared to be Tapas Thursday! You buy a drink and get tapas for free. Paradise! They also do a Sunday roast, but booking is advised if you would like to join for the weekly plant-based feast.

The Marlborough Pub is not 100% vegan, but the bar staff will be happy to provide information on vegan drinks to enjoy with your meal.

Located within Marlborough Pub & Theatre:  Princes Street BN2 1RD




A vegan kebab sounds impossible, but believe me it exists and it’s an absolutely delicious thing! A full-size caravan (albeit chopped in half) parked inside a quirky pub called Hope and Ruin, hosts Brighton’s only vegan kebab shop. But with feel-good food this tasty, we were not surprised nobody’s dared to compete.

How could it be any other way: BEELZEBAB was born in 2014, short after founder Luke tried his first vegan kebab on a visit to Berlin, homeland of the kebab and vegan capital of Europe!

BEELZEBAB offers a proper vegan doner kebab and with a glass of beer on the side. Also on the menu? Dirty hotdogs, fries, loaded with peanut satay, battered gherkins and sauerkraut. They also got your back when it comes to chocolate craving. Sam had a super delicious brownie for dessert and kept talking about it for days!

11-12 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3WA 


Stuff your face with vegan kebabs and dirty hotdogs!
The Hope and Ruin offers the perfect setting for a fun night out!



A pub that exclusively serves vegetarian and vegan food? Only in Brighton! THE PRINCE GEORGE on Trafalgar Street is a lively and atmospheric pub which has a great selection of Sussex draught ales and international craft beers and a creative menu with a focus on British and Mexican street food. And psst, I heard they do fabulous Sunday roasts, too.

THE PRINCE GEORGE is charming and beautifully refurbished pub with bags of charisma. This bar has lovely big wooden tables and also offers great outdoor seating for long summer nights. This really is the perfect place to rest your feet after shopping the length of the North Laines or the ideal spot to spend your evenings with friends and some very, very good beer and cruelty-free treats.

5 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4EQ


You can’t beat the award winning vegetarian menu, the street food sold in the evenings and  delicious Sunday roasts at Prince PRINCE GEORGE!



Baby Bao serves great vegan options at The Pond: Taiwanese street food in steamed buns and on small plates. Regular pop-up events bring vegan vendors like Biffs Jack Shack into Brighton, serving crispy jackfruit burgers. So make sure to follow them n Facebook to not miss out on special events. Great beer and awesome food. Nothing wrong with that!

49 Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AQ


When we were visiting THE POND, Biff Jack Shack whipped up amazing vegan burgers in the pubs backyard! – And every devoted meat eater was deeply impressed!


– Falafel –


The falafel at WE LOVE FALAFEL have a special twist: Different combinations of herbs and spices such as warm Indian spices or basil and cashew as well as smoked paprika to name but a few.  They also do vegetable falafel such as beetroot and sweet potato to name a few. Served up with fresh salad and homemade hummus, WE LOVE FALAFEL the chickpea balls to the next level. Healthy and spectacular!

Everything at WE LOVE FALAFEL is vegetarian and the shop caters extensively to vegans as well. If this wasn’t enough, they have a constantly-changing specials board.  You won’t be disappointed.

37 Sydney St, North Laines, Brighton BN1 4EP



Located in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, on Gardner Street, FILFIL café offers you a very warm welcome. The authentic middle eastern food is 100% vegetarian with loads of vegan options, healthy, nutritious and served in a variety of ways! If you want to sit down to get your falafel fix, go for FILFIL Café.


– Cafés –


I have a thing for cute coffeeshops and this 100 % plant-based eatery won my heart with a menu that includes buckwheat pancakes, everything a vegan foodie loves on sourdough bread,  great coffee,  refreshing juices and some real good looking cake. Yummy cookies come from Viva Vegan, amazing donuts are made by Glazed (see further down), and they have … wait for it…. dairy-free cheesecake!

Anything you see inside the café has been made by members of the community. Cups and plates are hand-thrown by a local potter, cushions and aprons are made by a local seamstress, etc. Spider plants hang from the ceiling and adorn the shelves, local artists created beautiful pieces to decorate the walls. The cozy community café upholds the promise of its motto: “Born in Brighton. Created by the Community. Powered By Plants”!

Do you need to hear more? Well then listen: The staff is truly lovely! I was warmly welcomed by Chris and his team! I witnessed how they try to put a smile on each costumer’s face. Longhouse is well worth a visit, not just because of their great food!

16 York Pl, Brighton, BN1 4GU


Healthy drinks and organic treats, LONGHOUSE is not joking!
Organic Buckwheat Pancakes with fresh fruit, chia, agave & coconut.
A coffeeshop made for and by the community: LONGHOUSE CAFÉ



Winning the prize for best name, WaiKikaMooKau is also the perfect lunch destination. Describing itself as the place of healthy indulgence, you can enjoy full breakfasts, chillis and salads washed down with milkshakes or vegan smoothies.

11A Kensington Gardens, North Lanes, Brighton BN1 4AL




Two words: vegan donuts. This lovely little coffee shop offers a relaxed environment in a great location with a wide range of donuts including peanut, lemon and chocolate flavours! What more can you want? GLAZED is a café for anyone and everyone, as is clear by the friendly greeting of the owners and their cute puppy Donald, who greets every costumer with a friendly sniff.

How it works? Making their doughnuts vegan comes from simply replacing some of the key ingredients: egg becomes bicarbonate of soda and soy butter is used.

Get your sugar and caffeine overload at this fantastic addition to Brighton vegan portfolio. So come down there, get a coffee, and get GLAZED!

25 Ditchling Rd, Hove, Brighton BN1


Veren, from Alternative Travelers getting GLAZED!


– Supermarkets –


INFINITY FOODS, is all in one: a café, a shop and a bakery. They produce delicious organic food that is totally vegetarian and largely vegan. I had a great scone and cinnamon bun, both cost less than 1,30 Pounds each. They also have loads of savory options, like pizza and vegan sausage rolls, ready made salads, raw cakes and more. The sourdough was to die for as well! If you like to cook at home or are looking for a quick snack to keep you going while hunting vintage treasures, this is your spot!

INFINITY FOODS has two locations in the Lanes, right on Gardner Street. One being a bigger supermarket, the other a trendy little coffeeshop with yummy snacks, sandwiches and salad bowls that are worth a try!

Gardner Street, Brighton


* Not entirely plant-based, but with loads of cruelty-free options or a vegan vendor preparing food

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    1. We had a blast, really! Awesome food, great drink selection. The staff was super friendly, too! Very much appreciated the effort everybody put in! Hope to visit again soon!

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