Vegan Going Mainstream?!

Vegan Going Mainstream?!

A New Cooperation And A Whole Lot of Food Porn

A couple month back I gave you a litte sneak peak on Instagram into a project I was working on with two leaders in the European retail market: Veganz, the well-known all vegan supermarket chain with its own brand of delicious cruelty-free products and dm, a drugstore with more than 3.000 markets in Germany and beyond.

Veganz asked me to create a couple of recipes with their products that would be hosted on dm´s website and of course, I don’t say no when I get the chance to carry the message out in the world: It is possible to enjoy delicious, satisfying and highly nutritional food on a vegan diet.

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Having dm publishing vegan recipes on their website is a great sign for everyone who wants to see veganism as part of mainstream society. More and more people slowly become aware of the fact that veganism benefits not only their health and gives them clean conscience, it also evades cruelty toward living beings that cannot stand up for themselves. Not to mention the environmentally friendly character of this lifestyle.

You and me, that you are reading this article now, we are moving in a certain direction, and hopefully we are taking as many other people with us along the way.

Find out what which plant-based treats I created for Veganz and dm. Learn more here.



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