Vegan Shopping Deal!

Vegan Shopping Deal!

Time to give back some love!

After reaching 3k on Instagram I was supposed to treat you to a sweet little surprise but since I was in Cuba at the time, I had to forget about it… (No wifi in Cuba…)

Now I am back in Germany for the month and finally able to make up for it! Me and the lovely social media ladies from Veganz have come up with an awesome deal for you!

You can now get 20% off your purchase in their online store* using the code “JenLovesYou!”

Veganz sells all sorts of vegan goodies, stuff you always wanted and things you have never even dreamed of.

Veganz was founded in February 2011 by Jan Bredack and revolutionized the classic food industry. They are the first vegan food chain store in Europe to offer products that are guaranteed to be animal (cruelty) free true to its slogan ”We Love Life”.

I have been supporting Veganz for a while, for it is trying to make vegan products available to everyone. In cooperation with Veganz, I have created a bunch of cruelty-free recipes including many of their yummy products in the past and continue to do so. 

Inspiration for vegan coconut banana bread, milkshakes and more can be found on their recipe site!

Also, their vegan “butter” cookies are pretty damn good! 😉

Hit me up for details or just go ahead and shop yourself happy.

Money spend on food, is money well spend. 

* Valid on all orders over 20 Euros. Coupon can be used one time per costumer, until December 31st  2017.

** This is not an ad. I support companies because I believe in their cause and genuinely enjoy their products.

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