Weekly Review / No. 2

Weekly Review / No. 2

New York, Washington, Baltimore  – 3. Oct – 11. Oct. 2016

Here we go again! Another episode of Jen May´s adventures in New York and beyond. A big week lies behind me! It was packed with vegan treats and travels – what could be better than that? I hope you enjoy it as well!


I always wondered why people disliked the first day of the week so much. What is it that they are afraid of? I rather see it as a challenge. A new chapter in our story. The chance to start over, with original ideas, a fresh mind, recovered powers. But I get why Monday´s are tough sometimes. The past two days were spend in a pleasant bubble of coziness, without waisting thoughts on work issues. But try to see it that way: Sometimes it is better to just attack pesky or difficult tasks right away and then live in peace for the next days. What also helps getting over the Monday blues: Make plans for the night. Either dinner with friends, movie night with bae or yoga class. Whatever it is, make Monday your friend, not the enemy.

My Monday was spend working, coffee drinking, cooking, shooting, editing and biking around the town. And making plans. A typical Monday in my life one could say, right?!

I made a delicious Quinoa Salad with ingredients I got on the farmers market on Saturday. The recipe can soon be found on 3dots.fitness.




What a fun day! I started it after a bad night sleep, but that didn’t keep me to make the most of it. Maybe it was the prospect of the upcoming roadtrip, maybe the coffee date later the same day.

I met up with a vegan girl that I knew through a vegan meet up group. We went for cake at Champs Diner in Meserole Street, Brooklyn. I biked there and it took me a little longer than anticipated, going up and down the hills and working my way through the traffic while trying to find the right way with the help of google maps. Still it was a great ride on a warm fall day and I really enjoyed it. As it turned out, it wasn’t a bad idea at all to burn some extra calories, concerning what awaited me in the Diner. Instead of cake (which they now only serve on weekends o.O ) we got waffles and philly cheese sandwiches – which were AMAZING! Champ´s has an amazing menu, which carries the biggest foodporn you can only image. They work with lots of vegan cheese, or “Gary” as some call it these days ;), seitan, vegan bacon and such. As long as I will be staying in New York, I am for sure making my way over here once in a while (or more).




I spend all Wednesday preparing for our big road trip to Charleston. We were supposed to make our way down to a wedding on Sunday, but as it turned out during the course of the day, hurricane “Matthew” had other plans. The wedding was cancelled, but when we found out, the bags were packed and our room rented to Airbnb guests.  Airnbnb was super helpful with our reservations along the way, but we didn’t want to leave our own guests without a roof over their heads. So we left the city behind and went to New Jersey, to spend the day with Joey´s parents until we would come up with a new plan. We were prepared for hiking and mostly packed summer clothing, since we expected to find ourselves in the heat of South Carolina. So what were the options? Well, Washington is close by, so is the Appalachian Trail. And there was the plan.

Since I was already talking about the Airbnb so much, I won’t keep the pics to me, that I took for our profile, which you can by the way check out here. This is my work space, bed room, private cinema and home gym – all in one!

img_7258 img_7259 img_7260



We woke up in New Jersey to a warm and sunny day and figured we should seize the opportunity and just go for a hike around the area. Not before a great breakfast of course! And since we were technically on vacation, we had to go for the most luxurious option: PANCAKES! yay 😛 Since I only just found the perfect recipe, I can’t resist to make them at least once a week!

We left to High Point, New Jersey after an extended breakfast. The ride took about an hour. But the hike was well worth it! I am sure the pictures are proof enough!



img_7276 img_7277-2





img_7287 img_7294 img_7291 img_7293


Today has been a wonderfully relaxed day. I slept in, stayed in my pajamas all day, and generally just bummed around and did some “homework”. We  took all day to decide where we wanted to go this weekend and packed the car to leave early next day. We prepared for a fun weekend in Washington and the surroundings.


The weekend started with a three hour ride to Hershey, Pennsylvania. There we checked out an old-timer car show, which is to be honest with you, not exactly my idea of a perfect Saturday. But I have to say, it turned out pretty damn cool! It was a rainy, gray day and we made the best of it. Checking out all these beautiful old-timers, we started to wonder, when cars got so boring to look at! I totally began daydreaming myself back to the sixties, going to the cinema or diner with my boyfriend, all dressed up with a proper shirtwaist dress and fancy hairstyle created with a shit load of hairspray, and of course in a badass car – just like in the movies. Too bad that vintage automobiles aren’t the greatest when it comes to fuel efficiency – a real “no go” for me.

img_7524 img_7525 img_7526 img_7522 img_7523

When our feet finally got too cold and the hunger defeated us, we got back to our own, less sophisticated vehicle and made our way to the US capital. And luckily, just upon our arrival, we stumbled over a great option for plant based foodies: Nuvegan. We were greedy for some delicious munchies, too greedy as it turned out, so I don’t have any proof for our stay. As soon as we had the vegan lasagna and BBQ tofu infront of us, we munched it down. But that is real life, right? There is not always the time to take out the camera and lets be honest, sometimes you just wanna dig into your food!


We had spend the night with family in the suburbs of Washington. In the morning we made our way into the city. We left our car and took city bikes instead. Arriving to Georgetown, with all its fancy shops and expansive restaurants, we dropped off the bikes and continued walking all the way to the center. My Polar Watch counted about 20 km that day. Not so bad! It was my first visit to Washington and I found it a bit surreal to find myself standing in front of the White House and Lincoln Monument. I had seen these places hundreds of times, in magazines, on tv and in history books, but now they became real. I had a great time exploring the town and hope to be back soon, to get to know it better.

img_7530 img_7528 img_7531


The night before we crashed in Germantown (not kidding), Maryland. We had found the cutest Airbnb – shoutout to Patricia and her puppy “Dumpling” who were great hosts. Should you ever be in the area, I recommend you to stay with her. If you haven´t signed up to Airbnb yet, use my discount code to get 30$ off your first trip!

We chose the town because of its proximity to Washington and since it also has a bunch of great hiking spots close by. We needed a good dose of mother nature after being in the Big Apple for so long, so we grabbed our boots and backpacks and got out there for a nice day hike up the Sugarloaf Mountain. We had a blast and even though we got lost a couple of times and ended up hitchhiking back to our car (believe it or not…), would go back anytime!
img_7414 img_7411



Time to make our way back to the Big Apple! As it became a tradition for us, we picked a city as pit stop along the way: This time around, Baltimore was the place we chose to explore. And I am very happy, we did. Baltimore welcomed us with sunshine and beautiful fall colors.  I loved the harbor, and enjoyed strolling around the historic city center. We were a bit sad when the moment came to get back into the car, though we already had spend more time than originally planned. When we left, we knew that it wouldn’t be for long! Baltimore seemed super interesting and we will be back soon!





Did you ever wonder how I manage to stay fit while traveling so much and eating in abundance (I guess that is the right way to put it 😛 )!? As you know, I am all about my phone – which is little surprising considering I am a social media manager and part-time blogger. So of course, I love to use workout apps to break a sweat. Check out this article I wrote for 3dots.fitness and learn more about my exercise routine on the road!


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