Become Your Own Boss – How to Build a Sustainable Business, Without Wasting Money and Time

Become Your Own Boss – How to Build a Sustainable Business, Without Wasting Money and Time

Personal stories of trial and error & how you can avoid mistakes others have made on their journey to become their own boss and #workanywhere.

Disclaimer: If you make it to the end of this post (and be aware it’s a long one), you can expect the hell of a reward!

I first met Kate shortly after moving to Bali. Looking to make new friends, we connected through one of the many digital nomad Facebook groups (what a wonderful time we live in…)

It’s true when they say – your vibe attracts your tribe!

We made plans to meet over lunch in one of the many beach clubs. I’d arrived early and was sitting on the bar – coconut water in one hand – observing the surfers catching intimidating waves.

When Kate walked in a few minutes later – big smile, colorful tattoos, and open arms – I immediately felt connected to her!

Having started my freelance career right after graduating uni with a degree in journalism, I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to founding a business.

Over the next couple meet-ups, we shared way too much coffee. Kate’s a great listener and heard me out as I complained about not getting anywhere with my work.

Being self-employed, I was enjoying my location independent lifestyle but was still not entirely free. I was barely keeping my head above water with badly paid freelance gigs, and wasn’t confident enough to raise my rates or be demanding in any way whatsoever.

Kate listened to me with patience, giving me some of the best advice I have ever received regarding entrepreneurship.

She made me realize that I was nowhere near using my full potential. I soon learned her own experience helped made it possible for her to understand my position, worries, and insecurities. But I’ll get to that in a bit… (or just skip the part where I am talking about myself and find out how Kate was able to help me right here).

What were the struggles I was facing on the way to entrepreneurship?

I studied PR, film, and journalism, but never learned how to build, manage and grow a sustainable business. In fact, the mere thought of dealing with taxes and Excel spreadsheets send a shiver down my spine, and I’d rather fold a king-sized fitted sheet (I will never understand how mom does it…) than come up with a business plan.

Arriving in Bali, I’d had two years of trial and error behind me – dealing with various freelance gigs & countless hours spent guessing when the client would pay the invoice I’d sent ages ago. I’d spent more money than I’d like to admit on software I thought I absolutely needed, and wasted way too much time procrastinating, Netflixing and paralyzed by my anxieties.

But those weren’t the only challenges I faced; I also had no idea where I wanted to take this journey. I had so many interests and couldn’t decide which one to turn towards. All I knew was, that I wanted my own thriving, creative business, and with it, real independence!

How did I end up founding my own business Nomad Studio?

I’d never planned to become an entrepreneur. But looking back, it was the only thing that made sense! In uni, I tried picturing myself in a cubicle, working 9 to 5 and making money for other people. I didn’t want to become that person! And a few internships later, I had confirmation.

As Kate says, “Starting a business is hard! If it wasn’t, everyone would do it!”

What sparked the decision to build my own company, was my deep desire to travel and explore the world. I wanted to build a business that would not only provide a secure income but also help others to make their dreams of independence come true while working on ethical, sustainable projects.

I knew that it was about time to take the next step!

During that first talk in the beach club, I learned Kate had gone through similar struggles, only ten times worse. She’d spent way more money, time and nerves becoming the successful and confident women she is today.

Firstly, Kate was not one of the lucky peeps to enjoy free education – most of you will understand the struggle of having to pay an arm and a leg for college. Kate started adult life with a lot of student debt and no safety net, then got an expensive masters degree in business on top of it. This is her story…

About Kate

Kate began her corporate career in what you might describe as a “dream job.” She worked for a global sportswear company doing fun & creative work, with people she loved. It was amazing – until it wasn’t. Working sixty to eighty hours a week, she’d come home most days to microwave a meal, binge Netflix, and cry herself to sleep (sound familiar?).

“I quit that first “dream job” without a plan and no savings in 2008. I tried freelancing but had no idea what I was doing. I took piecemeal work to survive and couldn’t pay my bills, so then I took a series of corporate jobs that weren’t ideal but paid the bills and padded the resume. I started and quit traditional work life again in 2011 and 2016… Until I entirely gave up on the idea of working for someone else and living a “traditional” life.”

Kate fell into the trap of unhealthy coping mechanisms until she found the resources she needed to quit drinking, started focusing on self-care and stopped shaming herself for not fitting into corporate structures.

“I decided I would travel more and inspire others – to live their passion, to lead happier lives, to stop living to work, to question the status quo…”

She particularly wanted to serve women like herself. To inspire others to feel happy, healthy, & fulfilled. To know they were enough, just as they are.

After spending 10 years, and a lot of sleepless nights, figuring out how to run a six-figure location-independent freelance business, she started supporting other driven professionals in growing their businesses effectively and founded Six Figure Freelancers.

Finally, after years of search for purpose, trail and error, she found herself living a life that brings her joy, and fills her with gratitude.

Read more about Kate’s journey here.

The struggles of creating a sustainable business

With Kate’s support as a friend and mentor, I decided to go all in and found Nomad Studio Digital Marketing.

What do we do? It's relatively easy! Nomad Studio is an international marketing service that provides hands-on solutions in online marketing, with a focus on small to medium-sized, fair and sustainable businesses. A small team of specialized digital nomads makes it possible! You can learn more about that here.

You want to build a sustainable business without wasting money and time!?

Do you want to be a successful creative entrepreneur, running a growing, sustainable, long-lasting business, while creating financial freedom and location independence?

If you don’t want to spend years waiting for the success you deserve and want to get the results you desire faster, by working with someone who’s been in your shoes, this is your chance!

I’ve come to realize that with the right mentor you’ll make better decisions, trust yourself more, be able to adapt quicker, grow your business more effectively & authentically and you’ll spend more time feeling confident and competent.

Luckily, you made it all the way to the end of this article!

This is your time to shine!

Kate created a Six Figure Freelancer Program for creative peeps, who are DONE spending days trapped in a cubicle & are ready to create the life & business of their dreams.

So… You’ve quit your soul-crushing job but aren’t 100% sure what’s next?

You’re trying to grow your business but you can’t seem to stay on-track and focused?

You find yourself consistently procrastinating or overwhelmed with what you need to do?

Or just want someone you trust to tell you what to do next?

Do you seek guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement?

Then you now have the chance to get the guidance and access the knowledge of a genuinely smart woman who really knows what she is doing.

What to expect? Zero bullshit but actual life and business hacks that will spark your journey to independence.

Kate is launching a brand new 12-week training program for creative freelancers who want to #workanywhere!

What will you learn? You’ll learn how to leverage the power of the internet to make big money doing what you love while you #workanywhere (or from your pj’s) – even if you’ve never run a business before.

This includes:

  • Targeted course modules that will give you all the foundational knowledge you need to create an expert freelance brand and start getting high-value clients, without overwhelming you with information.
  • A variety of videos, audio, worksheets and resources as well as checklists for action items
  • Bonus modules that will talk about how you can plan to expand your time and grow your business even more with automation, systemization and passive income
  • Resources for selecting the best tools for your business, covering legal and financial basics, how to take your business global
  • Exclusive tips and interviews from a number of successful, location-independent creative entrepreneurs
  • 6 Live Q&A Sessions with Kate & other location-indie entrepreneurs
  • The “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer” e-Book, valued at $49, to keep as a reference, as well as a number of valuable worksheets and resources
  • Lifelong access to the exclusive private “Six-Figure Freelancers Forum” where you’ll connect with and support fellow freelancers as you work through the course and beyond
  • Quick templates & tools, including a style guide, rate calculator, sample bid, intake survey and more – so you can start streamlining your business right away!

A detailed course plan can be found here!

You don’t really believe in coaches or training programs?

No worries! Kate has a 14-day no-questions asked money back guarantee so you can try the first two weeks of class and live sessions worry free. (And you can always request a refund after that if the results are not to your fullest satisfaction – Kate’s prices & policies are highly transparent)

Want to get a taste of what expects you? Then schedule a free webinar, a consultation with Kate or take the FREE training right here!

Success is not an accident!

Get the support you need to create your #workanywhere life & business

You have more questions? Then send me an email, leave a comment below or contact Kate directly!

Together, let’s create a life filled with freedom, joy, laughter, abundance and confidence.

Yours sincerely, Jen May

* In cooperation with Kate Bagoy, founder of Six Figure Freelancers
** This article contains affiliate links

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  1. Kate’s story was inspiring and so relatable. I have recently started my journey into business but haven’t left the safety net of my job. I’ll start making my way out soon.

    1. Karese, I am so glad to hear that! Very proud of you! Welcome on board of the girl boss team! We are here for support, so keep in touch via social media 🙂 If you are looking for a good mentor, I can only recommend Kate, she has been through it all and is empowering other women to get to where she is today – managing a 6-figure business. I never had anyone in my life telling me I could do anything I wanted. She changed that and helped me in so many ways! Don’t know where I would be without her! Thank you so much for your feedback and all the best for your future! Love, Jen

    2. Girl, that’s so exciting! Let me know if you want to join the #workanywhere gang on facebook or even start with the next round of the Six Figure Freelancers Program. We are starting again on March 1st 🙂 for more info, you can reach out to me via email! Best of luck on your entrepreneurial path!

  2. Both of your stories are wonderfully inspiring! Ive found it really intimidating to seek help in the business realm (mostly from men in stuffy suits). This read was refreshingly honest!

    1. Those stuffy suit dudes are the worst! You’re right Megan, it is important to be supportive and help each other out wherever and whenever possible. We were born creative, but the business woman doesn’t come naturally to girls like you and me. That’s why I love working with Kate. She started where you and I are today and figured it all out for us! I am sure you will make your way Megs! I believe you can achieve anything you want! Love, Jen

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