The Best Co-Working and Co-Living Spaces Worldwide

The Best Co-Working and Co-Living Spaces Worldwide

Exploring and creating are my passions. They determine where I live and work. So why not bring the two together in some of the world’s most beautiful places?

I have been dreaming of spending some time in a co-working and co-living space since I started this exciting journey. I haven’t taken the advantage of sharing ideas, skills and living space with fellow digital nomads just yet. But this shall change soon!

It was about a year ago, when I started my freelance social media marketing business. I help small business grow and understand the digital possibilities and challenges. Content creations is however one of my biggest passions, which I pursue writing for and as a guest blogger for several travel and lifestyle blogs. I do it all whilst travelling and working from wherever I might find myself.

I choose to give up a fixed home, monthly paycheck and all the security of being employed in favor of a nomadic lifestyle. The financial insecurity comes with a certain kind of freedom. I meet inspiring people who I would never have met otherwise. And I believe I create better solutions to my customers because of it.

Exploring is super important, but no matter where I go, it is not so much about the place, but about the people I meet.

On Finding The Perfect Digital Nomad House

For me, searching for the right work-life balance is trying to find alternatives to working a regular nine to five. I believe that wether you are a newbie nomad or an experienced remote worker, the right co-working and co-living space can provide a great amount of inspiration! As part of my travel planning, I was doing loads of research on the matter. These are my findings!


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Sun and Co. is the first co-living and co-working community in the whole Mediterranean Coast. A place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent workers, digital nomads and anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance.

Sun and Co. is formed by like-minded people sharing living and working space, ideas and fun. A real co-living experience with all under one roof in a 19th-century house located in the center of Jávea, a historic seaside town in Spain.

Focus and be more productive while enjoying one of the best climates in the world and meeting people from all over the world.

  • Price: from 558per month


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Located in the midst of the Costa Vicentina National Park, which is undeniably the most beautiful part of the Algarve. The property is based in a lovely, laid back location. It offers a relaxed and welcoming environment. The co-working space is a bright, spacious and naturally lit office with comfy ergonomic chairs. There is also a sunny terrace and outdoor space.

The property also offers easy driving access to the urban amenities of Lagos, Sagres and Burgau. The small town of Burgau, which is only a 4 mins drive away, offers the nearest surf beach and a number of bars, cafés and eateries.

Stokeworks offers the perfect antidote to a mundane urban work life. Treat yourself to a summer of sun, surf and unspoilt nature.

  • Price: from 200€ per week



AngkorHUB, named after the world-renowned Angkor Wat, is located in the heart of Siem Reap. Pub Street, the local night life’s hub, with tons of restaurants, pubs and clubs is but two minutes on foot.

AngkorHUB provides hot desks, fast fiber internet, air conditioning, comfortable chairs and Skype booths for private calls. Food and refreshments are free for members, as well as bicycle rental and laundry.

Service quality is ensured by a back-up power generator and a 4G internet that instantly takes over in case of power or internet outages (a common problem in Cambodia).

AngkorHUB also has a spacious green garden with banana and coconut trees and a “Skype Hut” complete with a hammock. It will be tough not to brag to your friends at home that you’re working from a hammock.

  • Price: from 352€ per month


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A contemporary refuge in Ubud, the cultural and artistic heart of the island. Bali has captivated travelers for more than a century. In more recent decades, it has become a global surfing and yoga hotspot.

Ubud is a gathering place for people on all kinds of journeys. Its lush green landscape — terraced rice paddies dotted with picturesque Hindu shrines — provide the ideal backdrop for quiet reflection and mindfulness. At the same time, Ubud is also an energetic technology hub teeming with remote workers from all over the globe.

At Roam Ubud, you can work from your laptop on uninterrupted wifi in the rooftop cafe while new friends perform yoga in the open-air studio just across the way. Two dozen rooms encircle a pool, and a coworking space sits on the rooftop across from an open space for events like nightly talks, yoga and capoeira.

  • Price: from 500€ per week


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Casa Netural is located in the UNESCO town of Matera, Italy, a rural destination perfect for inspiring your dreams.  They welcome everyone from freelancers to startup teams to remote workers and solopreneurs to share their space and find support from an international community of like-minded people.

It’s the perfect place to start working on your ideas and turn them into reality, while at the same time enjoying your daily life. There are activities almost every day.

Matera is a great escape, no matter what season you’re considering your getaway in.


Price: from 500€ per month


Haven’t found what you were looking for just yet?

Visit to see more co-living and co-working spaces worldwide!


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