Urban Vegan Kitchen – Plant-Based Southern Decadence In New York

A brand-new hot spot on Carmine Street offers an array of sophisticated comfort food and specialty desserts: The Urban Vegan Kitchen! The inspiration for this new laid back and hip lounge came from the minds who are behind one of New York City’s largest vegan fast food chain, Blossom Du Jour.

The result of a collaboration between Chef Timothy Pakron (@missisipivegan) and Blossom owner Pamela Elizabeth shows eaters of all persuasions that vegan food is more than kale, quinoa, and tofu. The upscale vegan street food concept offers what other people do not serve: Great vegan chicken and waffles, po’ boys and fried okra – an array of sophisticated comfort food and specialty desserts.

The UVK location in the West Village is a very comfortable and inviting space, with a down to earth feeling. The cafe upstairs is drenched in sunlight, creating an airy and atmospheric space. Downstairs in the basement there’s a really cool bar and at night there’s live music and a DJ.


I visited the restaurant with another vegan friend for a dinner date and the first thing that caught our eyes on the menu was Mac and Cheese made with a cashew sauce and a delicious herbed bread crumb topping. We shared the pasta dish and ordered the Urban Macro Bowl with garlic mustard marinated tempeh, sautéed kale, herbed quinoa and creamy cashew beet dressing as second course. We were already super impressed and loved every bite, but when the dessert came, we definitely had our doubts if that could truly be dairy-free. A Brownie Sundae with salted caramel ice cream and coconut whipped cream on the most delicious and moist brownie!




I am in love and will definitely be back again. Don’t miss out on one of the best restaurants in New York. If you’re ready to try something new, check out the Urban Vegan Kitchen! Maybe we see us there…

Address: 43 Carmine Street – New York – 10014

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