What Happened This Week / No. 1

What Happened This Week / No. 1

Brooklyn, New York, 19. Sept – 25. Sept 2016

I figured I try something a little different for a month and start to give you guys a weekly update on my activities, travels and share some pics that didn’t make it to Instagram. What do you think of that? Well, I hope you will enjoy this insight into my life!


Biggest accomplishment of the day/week already happened on Monday! Kids, I got a BIKE! Yes, finally after weeks I am back on two wheels, taking over Brooklyn! You should see the excitement on my face right now. I am still trying to come up with a fitting name for this beauty. Any ideas?

The rest of the day was spend working at my favorite coffeeshop in the neighborhood: Tugboat Tea Company. Great coffee, awesome music, delicious avi and tomato bagels for only $4,50 and best coffee – they don’t charge extra for soy!!! *yay*

Around the afternoon Joey and I made our way into Manhattan to hang out with his Dad. We picked up dinner at Chipotle, I had a delicious rice bowl with tofu and tons of guac. I mean tons! Can’t help it, but Chipotle gets me, each and every time.







A long and slow day. I woke up at 5 am for an interview that ended up being cancelled. Of course I didn’t know that until 5:10 am. Damn time zones. Does it necessarily have to be a 6 hour difference…

Of course I got up later than usually and wasn´t completely myself. It wouldn´t change until I walked into Tugboat and they were playing a Brazilian song I really like.


After doing some work at the coffeeshop, I went home and did a shooting for 3dots.fitness. The recipes should be online in a couple days. Here is a little preview.


I decided to name the bike Jack. Jack Schwinn. It was simply the most American name that occurred to me. I took Jack on his first ride through Prospect Park and enjoyed every minute of it. I think we will make a great team.


Today was pretty much spend the same way as yesterday. The highlight was definitely when I got the news, that a couple of my recipes found their way to the dm website – Thanks to my friends at Veganz!


I am so happy and excited I am jumping around like a gummy bear (I hope you remember them from your childhood, if not let me refresh your memory).


I drove my bike all the way over to the other side of the park to see, if I could find a new café. Feeling like I needed a change of environment I took advantage of being a mobile freelancer and found this cute spot: I am kidding. I walked inside and it was way too dark and the music was too loud. Guess what happened next? I left, rode all the way back and had a bagel and iced coffee at Tugboat. Mmh… I guess the man truly is a creature of habits.


I came home around 3 pm and decided that it was time to try our oven. In the last three weeks I had never used it for anything else but to toast baguette. I found some cheap ripe nanas at the fruteria the day before, so I made use of them and baked nut-free banana bread. It reminded me so much of home and gave me a really cozy feeling. Sometimes I really need that in all this chaos that is the adult life.

img_6828 img_6827

The day was heavy on carbs, so I ended it up with a run through the park and (popcorn-free) movie night in the same.


Joey left to Baltimore for the day and I stayed in the city. I had a lot of work to do, since I am trying to keep the weekends to myself and stuff that didn’t get done during the week. Even if de-cluttering and cleaning is a part of it. Guess that is what grown-ups do, right?


Saturday started off great and ended the same way. It was market day, and we managed to get up early to catch the best fruits! I love farmers markets, don´t you? I don’t know what it is about them, that makes them so familiar and shopping there such a fun activity.





We found awesome deals, too. Always a pleasant surprise in a pricey place like New York! I must have spend like $30 on two big bags of organic veggies. Joey bought a big loaf of sour dough for $5. We also got a cinnamon bun for me and a zucchini muffin for him. Luckily there is always a vegan baker offering his treats to the visitors and of course, I can’t resist the look of it! Check out the Body and Soul Bake Shop´s website for more info!




We then went back to our MacBooks and got a little work done. I also took a ride through the park with Jack, who is becoming a faithful companion.

Since Joey and me had missed our date night on Friday – yes, we actually do date nights even though we live together –  we decided to have it on Saturday and to go for something easy: We took the skateboards out to the park and watched the sun set along with delicious vegan cookie dough ice-cream. Best date night so far. I didn’t take the camera, so this private moments will stay forever between me and Joey 😉


Awesome day! Listen to that: Stroll through the neighborhood with bae, checking out new coffee spots, potential future barrios, bike stores and tattoo shops.

I then made my way to a vegan pop up event at Haymaker´s Corner, an all vegan supermarket in Brooklyn, organized by Vegan Shop-Up, New York´s first vegan pop up event.





And oh my. It was a great experience! Not just for all the nice people I met, but for the amazing food (of course): I had an crazy delicious beer roasted Jackfruit Banh Mi with pickled Daikon, carrot, and jalapeno, with sriracha mayo and cilantro – very pork-like in texture, luckily not in taste.  All from a restaurant called “The Organic Grill”. They have a branch in Manhattan, so I will make sure to pay them a visit soon and try some more items on their menu! Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffle Fingers, and Cinnamon Rolls topped with organic Cocoa Bunnies?! Sounds about right!


After this amazing sandwich, I craved for something sweet and found Peaceful Provisions with their gluten-free Rainbow Doughnuts, Triple Pumpkin Doughnuts, Apple Cider Doughnuts, Triple Chocolate Doughnuts, and the Maple Sausage Croetzel Doughnut! But don’t forget about Triple Decker Brownies and Pop Tarts in strawberry, chocolate, and cinnamon brown sugar!
Having to make a choice, I went for the cream filled Triple Pumpkin Donut! Food porn at its best, ladies and gentlemen!

Luckily, I made my way home before the food coma could hit me.

What a week! I am up for more! Are you?!

Thanks for reading this article! If you made it until here, you earned a big virtual hug! Leave me a comment down below and share your thoughts and questions! I would love to get a feedback!

Best, Jen

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