Vegan Minimalist Do It Yourself Skincare & Cosmetics

Let’s talk about vegan do it yourself skincare recipes for a minimalist routine, using natural ingredients only. Because we want to be gorgeous and cruelty-free anywhere, anytime – even and especially when traveling.

These tips will get under your skin – quite literally!

Let me preface this: I am far from being an expert in skincare questions. But I’ve received a lot of emails and requests to share information about my beauty & skincare tips, especially while I am on the road.

We all face the same problems: The stuff that we usually buy at home isn’t available or very expensive when we are abroad. So, I’m going off the path a little to share a post on vegan do it yourself skincare and cosmetics!

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How To Eat Clean While Traveling

Eating vegan doesn’t necessarily mean, you are eating healthy, too. – Especially when you are on the road and exploring new terrain. Clean eating on a plant-based diet might sound like running on nothing but salad, but vegan clean eating is actually full of vibrant, delicious, and diverse foods, especially when you are traveling! Let us show you how it’s done!

Guest article by Helen Sanders from Health Ambition

What is CLEAN EATING? Clean eating has one main principle: Avoid overly-processed foods such as boxed meals, snacks, and enriched-grain products. Instead of white rice and pasta, the focus should be on whole grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa, barley, and millet, to name a few. The rest is easy!

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Penang For Digital Nomads: Your Next Home Away From Home?

Penang has long been an underrated destination for digital nomads. Let me give you 10 reasons why you should consider putting it on top of your bucket list!

Working remotely is a privilege only few humans get to enjoy – although the numbers are steadily increasing. The freelance workforce is growing more than three times faster than the US workforce overall, according to an annual report by Upwork and the Freelancers Union.

Today, the numbers of freelancers stands at 57.3 million in the US alone! And some of them prefer to take their work abroad and sit somewhere in sunny South East Asia rather than their home office in New York or Berlin Kreuzberg.

Freelancers and digital entrepreneurs are planning for the future of work faster than anyone else.

So where are you thinking to set up your next office?

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Easy Vegan Shortcake With Berries & Coconut Cream

Super delicious sweet treats with a special twist! Try these unfussy vegan shortcakes with easy peasy coconut cream!

Clouds of cream, fresh strawberries, blueberries and a boozy surprise! This dessert is not of the boring kind. A good amount of the brand new, vegan Baileys Almande, a cruelty-free Irish cream based on almond milk, makes these Shortcakes a special kind of biscuit.

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5 Recipe Ideas For Baileys New Vegan Irish Cream

It is true! Baileys just came around with  Almande, an Almond Milk Liquor that is dairy-free, certified vegan and reminds us a lot of Irish Cream!

We have long been waiting for an ethical alternative! After sadly sipping bad, dry wine party after party, Baileys, as so many other companies, could not deny the growing demand for dairy-free products any longer!

Now, vegan-friendly Baileys, aka Baileys Almande, is finally on sale in Germany and the UK after hitting shelves in America back in March.

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Vegan Shopping Deal!

Time to give back some love!

After reaching 3k on Instagram I was supposed to treat you to a sweet little surprise but since I was in Cuba at the time, I had to forget about it… (No wifi in Cuba…)

Now I am back in Germany for the month and finally able to make up for it! Me and the lovely social media ladies from Veganz have come up with an awesome deal for you!

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Conscious Care For Badass Women: Menstrual Cups

Ladies, let’s be open about our care and bring light in the dark! This is an introduction into new conscious feminine care: Menstrual cups are the answer to our prayers.

And to all the awesome boys reading this, don’t be shy, continue reading and educate yourself! You are surrounded by beautiful strong women, so learn all you can to support them!

When we educate ourselves, we empower & improve both ourselves and the world.

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How To Become A House-Sitter

… And never having to pay for accommodation again!

A lot of my followers and readers have been asking curious questions on my house-sitting adventures and I am happy to provide the answers in one short & comprehensive guide!

As I am writing this, I am sitting on a long wooden dining table in the winter garden of a beautiful old villa in South England. Two cute cocker spaniels lie at my feet, exhausted from the long walk we took this morning.

I came here for a couple of months, to prepare for my next long trip to Asia. I am living in this house for free – Means I pay no rent & no utilities! The home owners went on a long vacation and trusted me to take care of their house and their beloved puppies.

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How To Make Oat Milk – Simple And Cheap

During one of my housesits in the midst of nowhere, the worst case scenario came true! I ran out of soy milk. You might say this is no big of a deal, but for a coffee lover like me, the prospect of putting my daily dose of caffeine in danger, did not seem so appealing.

Luckily, the homeowner had provided me with a huge bag of oats, lingering in the pantry waiting to be transformed into delicious, warming porridge. But, I knew I could do more with it, after all I had enjoyed store-bought oat drinks before.

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Vegan Food Guide To Brighton

I spared no expense to bring to you the ultimate vegan food guide for Brighton – From pizza through maki burritos to healthy treats like Açai bowls and such, this comprehensive guide contains all the information that a vegan foodie needs in this quirky English beach town!

If you follow my social media activities, you are already aware of it: I fell hard for South England in general and Brighton in specific. I truly believe, that one of the keys to happiness lies within the management of your expectations of people and places. But coming to Brighton was different. Everybody I met beforehand and told about my travel plans, held very strong opinions on this quirky English town. Usually they would tell me stories of long nights out in one of the 365 pubs (yes, one for each day of the year), mouth-watering vegan treats, the great craft coffee scene, and many more things that made me perk up my ears. Would the city keep these promises?

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